Absolutely love them.
Product as described. Prompt service.
Very good love it
Very nice, fit well, material is sooo comfortable!
it holds money
Nice wallet. I like the size and all the compartments.
Sizing is a bit small.
This is the second one I bought. The other one I wore out. Fits cards in nicely, Color is as shown.
Quality is cheap but it does the job.
Inner city commuter here! Some days I'll take my bike, other I'll walk, and this bag perfect is perfect for either scenario! It's not large enough for most laptops, but the material is strong and of good quality. The waterproof aspect was the big seller for me and I'm so glad I gave it a try - I've made it to and from work in the pouring rain, with all of my belongings safe and dry inside!
Very small.
Est ms o menos porqu se habre l Zipper cundo la cierro y se me puede caer mis dinero o las tarjetas
I have used this product every day since I recieved it. It is light weight and allows me to breathe easy on the job, no sweat. I highly recommend for anyone who still needs a mask this summer.
Bought this wallet as a Christmas gift so I have no comments on durability. However, it is a handsome wallet and was shipped and arrived promptly. Packaging was attractive and the RFID blocking is a plus.
This is such a beautiful purse!
My husband gives these a five star rating. He said he likes them better than the Costco brand I usually buy. He even rated these above the Calvin Klein brand I have boughten a few times. He said that these aren't as constrictive as the Calvin Klein brand or as loose as the Costco brand. When I read the word Hanes, I assumed that these would be a Walmart type quality and they were not what I would consider cheaply made. The fabric is soft, stretchy and breathable, the waistband is good quality and there just seems to be better all around support. The Costco brand seems to fit extremely baggy and doesn't provide enough support, but the fabric of the underwear seems to be comparable to the Kirkland brand. He also told me that the waistband is similar to the Calvin Klein boxer waistband because it is similar fabric and is a lot more durable when compared to several other brands he has tried. Everyone is different but these are the ones that my husband asks me to buy again and again, which is fine with me because they are less expensive than the other brands we have tried (aside from Walmart) and come with a larger quantity.
I bought this to replace an leather one I've used for more than ten years. Basically, I need to carry in it a few keys, my ID, and emergency cash. This one is very light and seems to be sturdy.
These shirts are very good.

Only suggestion, wash them in cold water and do not dry them. I hang them inside and they don't shrink. If you use a dryer from an XL you can easily get a Small with time.
I bought this as a replacement for the Timberland sunglasses from Costco that I used for several years. The BNUS glasses are made of glass with a UV400 and that's why I bought it. Like the Timberlands, I wear these over my rimless Silhouette vision glasses and these do indeed mask/cover the Silhouettes well. However, these are darker than the TImberlands. Maybe I should have stuck with a lighter shade. All said, very good pair, solid construction. But 20 bucks more than Timberlands? Not sure if it's worth the extra 20 quid but we'll see how they hold up.
I don't carry a purse but my wife does and she loves this one !
I got this for a gift. I purchased size small and he is a waste 29 and I think they are true to size. The material isnt like normal sweat pant material. Its a but thin but i think its perfect for what I wanted. Plus they have strings in the waist to tie, to make tighter if needed
I love this purse! The leather is so soft and the color is just right for spring time! So much room. Really enjoy the purses from this company!
Theyre not cotton socks
Love these sunglasses. They fit well in my head. They are super light so I forget they're on and don't give me a headache. They are super cute and I'm not stressed about the possibility of them breaking since they're affordable.
Seem to really help with Night driving. Less glare and everything looks clearer when wearing these glasses.
The sunglass is more useful in my very sunny day
These are great. I only wish they came up a little higher over the ankle so they don't dip down below them as you walk.
These clip on sunglasses actually fit my small-lens glasses. They are nice for when I'm outside, but going in and out of indoor places, I can just flip these up when I need to see inside, then flip down when back outside.

They lock in "up" and also lock in a "forward" position, at a 90 degree angle to the glasses, creating a slight "visor" effect that I find useful when trying to read my phone screen outside in the sun sometimes.

Build quality seems decent, they feel solid, they clip on firmly and have rubber/plastic to avoid scratching the glasses.

I took off 2 stars because these are NOT MIRRORSHADES as pictured. If the light hits them directly, they look "silver" mirrored, otherwise, they just look grey with a reflective sheen. I wold love to find true mirrorshade flip-up clip-ons to go with my small-lens silver metal frame glasses. I'm still keeping these because they are still good sun protection and they fit.
It was a beautiful shirt. But had to return it as I found the same one on sale for $20 cheaper at a department store.