Its a awesome wallet for the price!!
Fit Nicely
Good wallet feels nice good size just very inconvenient if you have alot of plastic cards on you not enough room for them very tight fit the quality material and durability are still a little questionable
Couldn't find these in my size at the local store, so I was able to order them and get them the next day. Was exactly what I was expecting. I've had really good luck ordering from Amazon.
Fits just right and looks really good.
Looks better than picture
Sturdy, nice looking gray-colored wallet. plenty of slots for cards and cash. 2-window feature is especially helpful.
perfect for 5' im short but stalk built....they fit perfectly...downside is no pocket...but the material is pretty sturdy...well worth the money...
Amazing quality for the price. So far everything Under Armor is of better quality compared to Nike.
The purse is stunning, want another. the hardware is metal and so is the zipper on the outside. It is a HUGE bag, you will not regret this purchase. Love the bag.
Perfect little dress for warm summer days.
Goes great with costume
Fits great on my head. The crown of my head measures 22 inches to give you and idea. It keeps my face protected from wind and mildly chilly temperatures. It's soft and comfortable on the inside and can be worn several ways. There may be other balaclavas for more frigid temperatures that may possibly be thicker, but this one works perfectly for me.
These were the first night-driving tinted lenses I've tried. I should return them, but I'm keeping them as a spare pair in case the ones I ordered later get lost or broken.

Here's the problem: the clip over the bridge of my nose looks like an 800 pound gorilla when you're wearing them. Plus, the manufacturer's logo is burned into the top of one lens, making it look like there's a permanent Vaseline stain on them when looking through the lens. They're okay as far as dimming glare from headlights, but not worth the cheap quality and design. Sorry.
Great fit, true black color, washes well and has been holding up.
I love the written word on this necklace. The only thing I wish is that the necklace itself were longer. I'm fat so having nearly choker style around my neck bothers me. I did add an extender at the back, but why people can't look at this and see that most women would want it to fall about 2.5 inches below their neck so that it lays flat against their upper chest and can be seen easily without embarrassment (I mean, looking further down would make me question what exactly the other person is looking at!). Anyway, the necklace is pretty, just a bit too short for my taste.
Love them
My most comfortable and great looking felt hat.
Works good
It is fast and easy, after you learn it. I hated it for the first 2 days, now I will never use another wallet, ever again. Perfection
These shirt are reasonably priced. Great quality and perfect fit!
Broke the first time my daughter wore it
Good fit. Great value for the price. My husband likes wrangler cargo shorts in darker colors and I couldn't find them in stores. Was happy to find them on Amazon at such a great price
Because my previous silver one lost during flight transit after 2-3 yrs' use, this is the second (or third?) time I bought this sunglasses. Currently I had this model and the brown one. They both are excellent. This silver reflection shade is darker, I use it for sunny day. The brown color shade is lighter, I wear for cloudy weather. They work perfectly so far. And given the fact sunglasses are consumables (lost, damage, etc.), their price make them easy to be replaced without hurting your wallet too much. Highly recommend.

Style. Light weight. Low price.

Bulky case. Could have provided a thinner and leather one.
Ill keep it simple, if youre not wearing these, you are having a tough go at it.
Beautiful bag. Best to see the colors in direct sunlight. Was purchased as a gift but might need to buy myself one. Can't stop looking at it
Its too floppy. I cant seem to fit it right on my head. Ive seen other people with the same hat and looks fine this one is off for me