stops the glare
A little bit bulkier than I wouldve like but still love it
Great deal! Good doing business with.
I have been buying 505s for decades, and they have always been perfect. These are not. The fit is different (which is not good, but for me, acceptable). What truly infuriates me is the pockets are now shallower. Levi has lost another lifelong customer in trying to save a few cents of fabric.
Good price, great fit. Love it
Like others have said, these socks slip down past your heel if your wearing shoes after about 30 steps, which basically makes them unwearable. Not only that but several pairs wore holes in them after only 3 or 4 uses. Worst socks I've ever purchased.
Better quality than I expected. I shower with it daily and it's perfectly fine. I also sleep in this. I don't take it off. Ever
The box came empty with nothing inside.
Great medium duty t's, perfect for undershirts. Glad to find they tuck in and don't come untucked. It had been a problem finding t's that could do this.
Nice fit
Fit is perfect. They laundered beautifully. Very happy with my purchase.
This product is great.
Pretty average. Spend the extra money and get Darn Tough Socks if you're a serious hiker or firefighter etc.
Arrived on time and my size! Fits perfectly as advertised!
I will never purchase this brand again......washed the shirts and did not even dry them....they shrunk soooo bad!!

very very disappointed !!!
I bought these suspenders to wear with a rented tuxedo to a friend's wedding. It saved me the hassle of renting a cumberbund or vest. They look pretty snazzy and you can't beat the price. These might not be fit for the runway, but no one will ever know.
It shrunk in the first drying, like 2 fingers from the bottom edge
I love love love this wallet. I may never buy another wallet again.
Well made. When I first got it, the color was very close to the picture which is exactly what I hoped for. Initially it is stiff, but after getting it wet a number of times, it eventually loosened up. The quality based on the price makes it worth the break-in.
Easy to use and really handy for those (like me) who hate the regular wallets...
The first time I wore a pair they were soft and it fits well. I haven't worn them after I have washed.
I like this bag but it is a little smaller than I thought.
This may be faux leather, but it feels and looks like the real thing. It is soft and supple to the touch. I received the Travelambo Women's Faux Laether Wallet Clutch at no cost in order to review and when I opened it, I had to double check that the description said faux leather. It really feels nice. I ordered the Deep Purple and I love the color! It is gorgeous, rich plum color. The inside is a creamy pink/beige that makes it easy to see everything.

The wallet is nice and compact, yet has lots of space for cards, money and more. The wallet measures just a hair over 7 1/2 inches wide and about 3 5/8 inches tall when closed. It is about 11 inches when opened all the way. There are two open compartments separated by a zippered coin pocket. In front of that are 6 side entering slots for cards and identification. On the inside of the front flap, there is another wallet length pocket as well as four addition top entering card slots. This offers plenty of space for the things I want to carry, but is a size I like. It's not bulky and hard to use or carry. I slide it down into my bag and can barely tell it's even in there. Empty, the wallet only weighs 4.9 ounces. Right now with the things I have it loaded with, the wallet still only weighs 9.6 ounces. The thickness of the wallet will depend on how much you put in it, but it is pretty slim and comfortable to carry in your hand. The wallet looks and feels great and is very functional at a price that is very reasonable.
Saw this wallet on unbox therapy and I was sold. So sleek and so slim. The pull tab has all my friends fascinated. Plus if you like to fidget with things the pull tab is awesome for that.
This is the perfect sized cross body purse! It's not super heavy, even when filled with all my stuff and it fits everything I need perfectly. Plan to order in another color.
It fits good and is adjustable (see the size adjustment; rear of cap). Form fitting...very comfortable and conforms to skull very well. Brim of cap is seamed so it fits real good.

A bit warm in tropic setting...doesn't breath as well as Columbia side-vented cap, which would have been preferred but no specific sizing.

However, overall the quality is good and anticipate it will last awhile.
Theres nothing to dislike about Levis original jeans The best thing out there by far Button up people. Or zip your junk, Im a Levis button fly guy peace
Holes started to develop after less than 6 months. I let everything air dry too.
I like it