I was looking for a wallet that was not large but would hold my credit cards, cash, gift cards etc. and this one fits the bill. I love that it has a space for your money and a space for receipts and/or gift cards. The color is exactly what I was looking for and having the removable card sleeve has been very handy. To top it all off, it has the RFID blocking which is what I look for in a wallet.
excellant experiance
Right on
This is the perfect backpack for a girl. Its super cute and good quality.
I was surprised how small they were, so check the approximate measurements closely when you order. Otherwise good quality, my error.
Everything about these socks works for me. They are well-made. The fit is perfect. They are the perfect weight (not too thick; not too thin). I would surely buy again. 100% satisfied!
Very cute
This is perfect for a person that sweats so much under regular masks. So much better! Light weight, the material is great and stretchy. Fits perfectly and adjustable.
Its comfy and durable
LOL. I ordered these cuz crews were rubbing my legs too much and the friction was causing bald spots o my legs. Been wearing them for about a month and the hair is growing back!
Hard to beat for the price. As my last pair of sunglasses just fell into a crevasse in Iceland dividing the North American and European plates I don't like to buy expensive sunglasses. These weren't but you'd never know it. They are comfortable, stylish and even come with a mini screwdriver.
As I've only worn them for a week I don't know how they will hold up over time or my abuse but so far I'm extremely pleased.
Nice hat but slightly damage...using some super glue.... couldn't have happened in box...handled rough...so I fixed it...but not happy
No time to send back....
I absolutely love these glasses. They are extremely comfortable.
Boyfriend loves this shirt. Very lightweight and keeps him cool. He wears it for everything
I bought a pair of these and liked them so much that I ended up buying almost every color. Will definitely pick up some more. Great for taller guys.
My daughter loves it!
grandson loves it.
I would not recommend this product . If the temple piece ever comes unlooped, good luck getting it back on. There is video that shows how to reloop the temple piece but the video is done in fast motion and it is difficult to follow the steps. There is no audio except for some cheesy music; thus no verbal instructions. The video may have been done by a third party, and that's fine, but I was frustrated trying to follow the process. The production value is fine, but too fast to make sense to me. There is also a picture of how to create the loop but the end that attaches to the actual strap isn't attached to a strap. Which of course makes it easy to make the loop but have nothing to attach it to.

The description says that it stays snug even for the thinnest of temple pieces. Not so. I had to readjust and tighten the strap frequently. This might work for thick temple pieces, but not so on mine. Very dissatisfied with this product.

What you read above was my first review of these eyeglass retainers. But when the company saw my review, they reached out to address my concerns. Keep in mind, that I liked the straps, but not how to do the self repairs should the loops become unlooped. Since I first wrote the review, the company has updated the video for relooping the retainer loops. The production value is great with clear VERBAL instructions as well as video and if you follow the instructions, IT WORKS! I have been no so happy with other Amazon purchases and my initial experience with this company and product was not a good one. Since customer service reached out with REAL solutions to the problem, I have changed my rating to FIVE STARS!
It looks great but they cut it a bit long and its printed on bolth side so it looks a bit funny from behind but from the front it looks great
I haven't purchased this product yet because I have some reservations. They look great and I think that I would look cool in them playing volleyball but I don't know if I want to sunglasses that have polarized women in the past. I guess it's good that some women like them a lot but I would prefer that they were appealing to all women. Thank you.
Surprisingly comfortable. Great for people with metal allergies
worth the cost
Made my purchase in the beginning of the year and I gotta say I absolutely love this wallet would definitely recommend and purchase again!!!!! I carry this wallet literally everyday!!
Comfy and great looking. Believe me or I'll send a pic of me wearing them, and you don't want that, not on a full stomach.
Having glasses can be very annoying especially when its very bright outside and you are trying to wear glasses. These were a perfect solution to this dilemma as I can put these on over my glasses without loss of comfort. They are so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them at times and ghey feel stylish
great product. fits perfect.
comfortable ,good fit, reasonably priced