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shoe repair diy materials_do it yourself shoe repair

Too large, runs big. Qaulty good though
I am pretty particular about my T-Shirts and was a bit nervous about ordering clothing without getting to examine the fabric first. However, I lucked out! These are of excellent quality with a nice thick fabric.
Nice, affordable socks. Comfortable (No too tight, not too loose). For training and short runs. A little loose for long runs, I think it could provoke chaffing.
I don't know why the same model and size pant should fit differently, but this black pair of Levi Men's 550 Relaxed Fit Jean (36x32) fit much more snugly than the stonewashed blue pair of Levi Men's 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans (36x32) I purchased at the same time at Amazon. Curiously, the pants came in different packages on different days.

This is my size, and my go to brand of Jeans. Rather than run to the local Sears (the only convenient source for black Levis in my size), I thought I'd try Amazon. Don't get me wrong, I CAN wear these, but I'd say they're running about a half inch narrower at the waist. Call it a size 35 1/2. The stonewash blue jeans fit absolutely perfectly however.
Great product, exactly what we expected. My husband loves them. They are just like the ones from back in the day, except they are polarized.
fits right, looks good, keeps my head/eyes shielded/protected from the sun's harmful rays; I'm happy!
My son likes them
this is a well made bag. the quality is excellent!
the design is too cute.
i love the different straps i can change out.
i am extremely happy with this bag and also the company's mission
My own faulty, I suppose. Did not realize relaxed fit would be so baggy on me. I will know better next time.
Suitable for limited cards
this thing is awesome.. GREAT VENTILATION UP TOP!!!!!!!!!!!
Very, very disappointed......I bought this for a gift comes in a cheap OPENED plastic bag with absolutely no instructions on how to set the time, date, etc.......I recommend to look elsewhere for a watch
Gildan is my fave brand t-shirt for quality, fit, and comfort. I wore another brand X t-shirts for years before trying Gildan and while they were comfortable they are not the same quality nor did they retain their shape or last as long as Gildan.
My husband love it!!!
It's light weight. Fit to my face and comfortable. Nice cover too.
Highly recommended!
The colored beads are painted and already chipping in less than a week. Very cheap looking.
Such a cute bag! Great quality for the price. Love that it can be worn casually or dressy. Great size as well, not too big and not too small.
Love but was expecting more colors than light to dark blue.
Lovely earrings with a securely fitting round smooth back that completely covers the sharp end of the stud. This makes sleeping with them in my ears pain free.
Still loving these sparkly, comfy earrings.
Will buy more
I bought this wallet because my sister got the same brand in a different style. I really like how slim the wallet is, even when it is filled with my cards and cash. It feels secure and is a good quality wallet. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants a quality slim wallet.
My son likes these.
These are probably the worst socks I have tried yet. If your feet sweat, do not buy. I normally don't run with socks as I also do triathlons so I my feet are accustomed to sockless. However, for my winter runs I have to wear socks or my feet freeze. I have always loved my underarmour running socks but saw these and thought what the heck let's try something new. Big mistake. Wore them for a 1/2 marthon today and I was so uncomfortable the entire race. They are very thick, which is on except my feet sweat even if if it 30 degrees out so this becomes an issue of moisture staying in the sock and I actually got a blister. They also do not have the arch support as most running socks have, not a big deal but it does add some comfort to the run when wearing socks. These have now gone to my winter socks for just laying around the house as they are not for running.
Perfect for our beach vacation. Snap bottom made for easy quick diaper changes!
ordered another set. Size is excellent. comfortable.
I can’t advise on durability yet, but I love the look. (I bought the black for winter.) Also, like the Tardis or Mary Poppin’s bag, “it’s bigger on the inside”. It holds a ton of stuff without being the least bit bulky!
The shorts and material looks nice but they are tight.
I’ll return and go one size up and then adjust my review upon receiving the new order.
I love this purse!! The quality is great and it's super cute! The only thing I wish was different...I would love for the strap to be a little longer or have and adjustable strap for wearing across your body. It's a tad bit short to wear like that. Still love the purse though.
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