out of the box I started wearing these socks. I was disappointed because here they were brand new and would not stay up on my calves. After a wash or 2 the elastic kicked in and they are now staying put, for the most part. I do not expect to get more then one season out of them as the cotton seems to be wearing out around the heel quickly
Looks great , feels great and the quality is up to the price , I would totally recommend.
I am picky about socks and was a bit scared getting these of amazon but they really are nice.
I purchased two shirts one the Amazon Brand - 28 Palms Men's Standard-Fit 100% Cotton Tropical Hawaiian Shirt in blue and the other in red. Both are XL shirts. The blue fits very well and has been though several washings. The red is tight and short. It is labled XL I suspect it is really L.
I love these pants fits perfectly and very warm in the cool California winter temperatures.
These are cheap sweatpants and there's only so much one can expect with that in mind. However, these shrink horribly and pill like none other.

If you purchased these a size larger than your ideal size as strictly a lounge pant and you care very little for the way the pants look, these may work for you. With that said, there are much better options for this money that are higher quality.


- If you plan to wear these at your waist, you'll need to size up. These have a surprisingly low rise.
- The hems at the bottom of the pants are uneven, differ in width between them, and had threading loose.
- The drawstring is very cheap and uncomfortable if you tighten the pants down a great deal.
- They pill badly
-They shrink badly

Again, I expected these to be cheaply made for the price. I more or less planned to use these for some under the porch insulation work and then toss them. For that purpose I suppose they were ok. However, they went in the trash after a few washes and the already awkward fit, became laughable after washing and drying.

In the end, I know most people who buy these, do so with the expectation they'll fit decently and hold up for a little while. Please use your money on another pair, or spend just a few dollars more because they are a waste of money!
I like the long stem but they are smaller than i expected
Dubery Glasses have never let me down. This is my 5th pair of them and i still am in love. This pair came with a cleaning cloth, a fabric storage bag, a soft padded zip up case, and a mini phillips/flat head screw driver for keeping everything snugged up. I love them.
I have had this purse since October.
The magnetic snap on one of the outer pockets has ripped out of the fabric.
Very disappointing.
Got quality hoodie.. worth the money
Great product holds my keys nice and organized. LED light ityes very helpful in the dark to find the key hole. :)
Very stylish bag, I love it! Perfect size - not too bulky, but still big enough for my 15 MacBook Pro. The outside material looks great. My only complaint is the inside material and inside zippers look and feel a bit cheap. Otherwise a great bag!
Love these sunglasses! At this price theyre a steal!
Love this! I use it for my winter fishing tournaments. 60mph on the water and my head stays warm.
Just as described. Thank you very much.
So far so good .. like it and the quality is good.. zipper was tricky at first but seemed to loosen up with use. Hasnt had any other problems.. and its beautiful
I like it
They are comfy and durable.
It feels like a thin cotton T-Shirt almost like UA Charged Cotton. Unlike UA or Champion the logo is on the bottom of the shirt so it makes an excellent undershirt for dress shirts. Only had it for 2 washings so far but no shrinking or yellowing yet.
Not that it claimed to bebut theyre not pre-shrunk. After one wash, theyre too short
Wayyyyy too small.
My husband loves theses shorts he wear them for work everyday ! Enuff loose comfort !!
Not as expected. It doesn't look how it looks on the pictures. The quality of the ladder is not that good.
Bf loves it
My daughter loves it, and it is cute and well made, but has a terrible strong odor from the plastic or whatever material they used to make it. We have aired it for three days, not going away. :-( Sad, since I don't really want her touching something that could be chemically dangerous/toxic.
My husband is a big guy (6'1" and 350lbs) these are the only boxer briefs he likes. They fit perfectly.
Good feel, good shirts. Like a cross between a cotton t-shirt and an under armor shirt.
My nephew was honored at a church function and he just love it.
Great product for price
Its simply beautiful and Im very happy to add it to my collection
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