It makes my selfie look alot cooler
It does make things hi def but not as much as they said it does . These are so cool looking and I got it as a lighting sale so I couldn't resist . It has to be super bright other wise I can't really see well.
My hubby loooooooves these! Loves the fit and says they are nice and comfy (he may say that he said "comfortable,", but I'm pretty sure "comfy" was the word.)
Bought this for my husband when we travel and he loved it! It fits the large bills from different countries. Great quality.
My son said they are the most comfortable socks hes ever worn.
The sunglasses condition is good and same as the description. However i dont like this type of the Lens as the inside of the lens is mirrored also. If the sun is on my back, the light will reflex from the inside of the lens to my eyes. This make me uncomfortable when i using it.
Great gift.
My boyfriend likes to wear this hat to be controversial but all it does is start arguments. Would not recommend.
Well made. Just love it
Nice athletic fit.
I specifically ordered a color that did not say mirrored lens in the color name, and I got a mirror lense. These will be going back and I will try a different color combination, hopefully with a better result. Other than the mirrored lens these are great. I tend to have a narrow head when it comes to unisex sunglasses and these were very comfortable. No slipping and not too tight either. Very lightweight compared to past sunglass purchases which is exactly what I wanted.
My husband is in love with his wallet
Works great. Does what I need it to do.
I bought these for a friend who LOVES socks. I figured he would like them, I just didn't know he would LOVE them! He was so excited with this unique sock gift! Definitely a clever and fun presentation of a sometimes "boring" gift!
If you want to be confortable all day this is the type of shirt you need to buy,love underarmour products.
So far so good as far as the quality if the product. I actually ordered one in a smaller size just now. It wasn't extremly large, but the way it fit I'm thinking one size smaller would be a little better for dressing purposes. I will keep the one received for working out though. My main issue is that Amazon mislabeled the product as grey. Right under the Amazon sticker that says grey is the label that marks it as white.
Nice socks, comfortable
Amazing item, that is really what I was looking for. This money clip holds the biils perfect. It does not seem like as much as bills you fold it won't break
A little long but my daughter is short. Fits perfectly everywhere else
Ummm its leather and it got here fast
Very protective
Wish the inseam was shorter.
Great feel to the skin warm and soft
Very nice... should have bought these sooner.
nice heavy sock
I use this product to hold all my gift cards. Its awesome. Its small so it doesnt take up much room in my purse but it fits a ton of gift cards!
I like
My daughter-in-law said they were a good quality
Comfortable, good range of mobility as a work shift should.
I love the belts
Comfortable, fit well.