Very cheap looking
Very nice wallet! Definitely worth the price.
Good shorts, decent price
I really like this belt. At first I had mixed feelings because the latches were a little tight through belt loops. When you put the duty belt on and keepers in the right place, it holds everything in the right place when using the bathroom. No more chasing your gun and equipment across the bathroom floor. And getting your shirt tucked in with the duty belt is soooo much easier.
I do however wish it was a little stiffer.
It's too bulky.
This hat fits well, and i like the design from a functional stand point, but it's pretty goofy/unstylish.
Like it i use this product every day
I have received so many compliments. Since I have bought the purse several of my friends have bought it too.
The waist and length are fine, but they balloon up around the hip area after a few steps. Looks weird. They're also very noisy. I felt like George Costanza with his noisy pants. Returning them.
Great looking hat. Quality product. The hat was too small for me. Stretching it with carefully applied water and upturned mixing bowl as form...helped greatly.
I love this pair. It's comfortable light and looks great. I have many glasses but this one is recommended and must have.
This pair of sunglasses was the worst pair I have ever bought. The plastic lenses aren't optically correct, making everything fuzzy. So much so that I can't wear them at all. Bad quality at a very high price.
I have a heavy duty leather belt and can only get one layer of belt through the loops, so the tail can't fit into the loops. The pockets are small. When the pocket opening is angled the way these are, I prefer deeper pockets so that I don't loose things when I sit. Fit runs a little small but I ordered one size up and they fit good. The cut is kind of big like oversized jeans from the 90's but I kinda like that. Just wish for deeper pockets.
Nice underwire, but the design was something to be desired. Good quality.
Thick, soft, warm, and high quality socks.
Fit great. Love the material
I'm an XL when it comes to tank tops and since I don't buy clothes online I went strictly off the size chart and orded one size larger. The fit is perfect. Yes it runs big but I bought 2XL so they'll fit good after 25 washes or so. These are waay better than some of the other tanks on here. I will be buying more.
I like the color and pattern a lot but on the second day that I used it, the tab that pulls the zipper open and closed fell off. Now I only have a little metal piece to open and close the bag. Also, the material feels much stiffer than the last one I purchased. I love Vera Bradley but I'm kind of disappointed in this item. I can't decide if it's worth it to try to return it.
 So cute
Arrived the next day!
Needmore room slides up when U sert down
The quality is good, the only reason for my low rating is that the medium size is actually extra large!
Fits perfectly and way better that a sweatband. Highly recommended!
They are good
Had a hole in one of the pockets making the pocket useless
I love my new Donald Trump 45th President cap with Trump's signature. This will no doubt become a collectors item.
Great set of hoop earrings, good value for the price.
Very comfortable!