Learn popular methods for finishing necklaces and other handmade jewelry with end pieces, crimps, jump rings, split rings, knots and jewelry clasps. Most stringers develop personal favorites. This page is a brief overview with links to more information. If the instructions aren't on the category page, please click into a product's details for more information. For more opinions and examples, you may also want to invest in a couple stringing and beading books, or beading and stringing magazines with good tutorials. Experiment to find the methods that work best for you! 

lil peep vans is a mixture of your own personal preference, as well as your customer type, and the size and weight of your jewelry:

For free tips on choosing cord or necklace wire, see lil peep vansFor more free tips, see our Updated lil peep vans page.

See below for illustrations of tricky parts of a few of the most popular stringing & finishing methods. (Click the titles for more information.)

lil peep vans
lil peep vans
A few of the most important knots for jewelry-making:
lil peep vans
square knot
lil peep vans
double knot loop
lil peep vans
surgeons knot
lil peep vans
(front and back)
lark's-head knot

lil peep vans
great for finishing multiple strands
finishingbullet ends

lil peep vans
for protecting delicate cord
bullion/French wire

lil peep vans
simple and clean, great for wide flat cord
Choker Clamps

lil peep vans
lil peep vans
very popular for finishing stringing cable (beading wire);
can be crimped + rounded with crimping pliers, or simply flattened with flat-nose pliers
crimp beads

Crimp Covers
nicely cover flattened crimp beads
crimp covers

Coil Ends
use with large-diameter cord such as leather and cotton
coil ends

lil peep vans
use head pins or eye pins for this classic technique
lil peep vans

Jump Rings
for "jumping" one piece to the next
lil peep vans
lil peep vans


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