My brother has wanted a watch forever. So, we went to the most reliable website. Amazon. When the package arrived he was so exited! The reason why I bought it for him was before it was waterproof. He could take it in the rain, the pool, basically anything with water! But when he looked at the watch box it said water resistant.... Water proof and water resistant are very different things. No pool, no water. Only rain. Overall, the watch is nice but, they need to change the labeling and packaging.
I bought these for a third hole in my ear, sort of high up on my ear, they just barely fit around my earlobe, It's so hard to tell how big things are even with a ruler. I'm glad they fit, it's so hard to find earrings 20g or smaller. Very easy to put on.
very good
My thighs have never felt more free. I feel the heads turning while in the gym and around town. These shorts let everyone know that you are a MAN, not a punk. If you want to be a man, then buy these shorts!
Good quality for price.
I liked this wallet when received. I like the leather material. I like the 2 compartments for bills. After 4 months I still like this wallet. All these likes equal 5 stars.
Comfortable and durable. Cant ask for anything more
Est bien, un poco grande en referencia a como estaba en la foto
Good construction.
Love these glasses. I own 5 pairs for Costas and this is my favorite by far. I thought they would be too small for my larger face, but they fit perfectly!
Me queda bien
A little tight. Not bad.
I bought this for my hubby for Hanukkah and he likes it. He liked it so much that he also wore it in our wedding :)
Durable, comfortable fit, and cheap.
My son love these
It's a little bigger than my foot but still fits pretty well and doesn't come off.
Lightweight but not flimsy
Me gusta lo pequeito q es .tiene un tamao perfecto para una pequea manita.
Maintenance man proof. 4 key rings full of keys on a caribeaner. Slender build, bends over alot all discomfort. A heavy key carrier must. Saving me many a belt loop.
Had a competitive brand that was easier to adjust.
Best slim wallet out there, have not found a better one in a year of looking.
A very cute kids watch. My nephew like it because of the 7 color flashing. Most specialy at night because the light is visible. It fit him very well. It is easy to set the time and it us nice for the kids. The band is long enough. It even fit me wrist. It has a good quality and very well made product. I love the construction and the features of this watch. It is very cool. I am hoping that this watch will last on him. Black and blue combination of the color is also cute and fits for boys.
Nice for the price.
Super cool and comfortable!
My husband bought this for a trip to Europe so that he could pack his wallet in one place and carry money in another. He likes it so much that he is using it around town as well. The clip is extremely light and it successfully holds cards and money at the same time.
These leggings are great. The designs are bright colors and fun graphics.

The leggings fit as expected. They are form fitting. The price for the set is a great deal. In fact, I cannot find these leggings for this price, especially not of this quality, anywhere else.

The material is thin, so children may be a bit cold outdoors in lower temperatures. But they are great for mobile kids. The interior of the fabric is smooth.

I love these leggings. I highly recommend them.
These socks fit very well and absorb all the moisture from my feet, protecting my shoes (and I am currently in 100 degree temperatures). Plus, they just look very interesting and get positive comments from people I encounter.
I love it!
Fit as expected. I am taking one star because I got one pair I can only describe as "incredible hulk green", and they all had green lettering around the waistband. Overall pretty happy though.