Hard to close fully when there is a small amount of bills. Otherwise, great item, looks good and has a lot of pockets.
Muy cmodo
LOve them
Best Sunglasses I have ever owned. I wish they had more options for women. My wife loves them as well, but would like something that is more her style.
I absolutely love the print and the material this purse is made out of. Unfortunately because of its size (which I was aware of the measurements) but the fact that the material doesn't have any give, it's just too big! I wanted to love this purse but it's like carrying around a large rectangle that protrudes off your hip. It wasn't attractive on but I sure did love to look at it:) I ended up returning it and getting the smaller version that is cloth material.
Accesorios buena
Run small a whole size
The product arrived on time.
I've only worn the glasses a few times but the glare from the headlights and streetlights have diminished.
I would like to see if they help in a heavy rain. I'll update my review when I've had a chance to try them out.
Nice compact sleek
Love the quality in these socks.
Comfortable. Soft.
Socks are medium weight, heavy enough to wear with boots and light enough to wear with street shoes. Fit great, and snug enough so that they stay up on your leg.
Great deal at about $1.67/pair!
At the very beggar you can notice it is not the great quality it used to be for this brand. Still good enough spending money on this brand. I always loved the polarized because it helps me a lot while driving, and that is still the same.
Love it...lots of pockets... great for traveling
Fine but the zipper came off after one day. Not cool.
La compre para un regalo y se me callo,la cara de la vergenza cuando un mes despus me mandan fotos de que lo que compre fue una basura, se rompi por todos lados y apenas lleva un mes de uso esta marca es una ESTAFADORA.
Good construction. Polarized lenses for providing you a clear view and protecting your eyes from harmful rays. These sunglasses are perfect for outdoors.
I ordered the purple one and I was anticipating the moment when it would get here, but I was also scared because a lot of people said it was fake, but as soon as I took one glance at the packaging, I knew it was real. The packaging was so pretty, and authentic!!! I love it and I know that you can't get the purple one anymore, but if you don't already have one I definitely recommend getting the clear one!!!
Great product
Do not buy this bag from Kattee. The long strap broke after two weeks of light use. Luckily, I was able to return it and get my money back but only after waiting two weeks after sending it and bringing it to Amazons attemtion.
too tight on my size 8 feet. I cant wear them, much too uncomfortable.
I always tell my great granddaughter I love her to the moon and back. She is 4 years old so I didn't want to invest in expensive jewelry for her yet. I got this to go in her Valentine day gift bag. I put pictures of her and her parents in it. My great granddaughter was absolutely thrilled with this and therefore so am I
Very comfortable, reasonably priced
Worked good for my toddler
For two inexpensive belts these are good quality. One reviewer stated the belt can be cut to size and "cauterized" with a flame and sure enough it works as stated. These are very good everyday belts and look good too.
Over time and washing these do shrink! I've had to buy several packs of this for my husband but they are very good price.
right product for me
Bought for my boyfriend, he loved the fit and feel of the product I bought three more sets for him. He has problems with them riding up his legs so I was trying to find something with longer leg length. I would love it if they were maybe 2 inches longer in the legs but still a great find. Thank you!
Re-considering my rating of five stars down to one. These are not gold toe socks. After a few wearings holes in the toes. They dont last any thing like they used to. I have gold toes socks five years old that are still like new. These are thin and inferior.