Comfortable and cool.
Arrived right on time and the shorts are much more attractive in person. The hubby is an avid golfer and swears by the Izod golf attire. I am sure he will be pleased when he opens this Christmas gift.
Very comfortable, soft and light.
Light weight and holds everything I need
Levi's 501s...been using since the 70's and still my pant of choice,,,
Maybe I read the description wrong. But I thought they wouldve been slightly wider than regular frames. Good vision and a few xtras come with the sunglasses. Wouldve been 5 stars if they had fit
These were meant for a gift, and how embarrassing was it to receive them with the waist tie already torn out of them? Very! Such a disappointment, as the shorts actually look and feel like they would be very nice and comfortable. Shocked that someone didnt check these before sending them out! The string wasnt even in them! Just tossed in the bag with the shorts!
Good watch except it absorb sweat a lot and difficult to clean
Only no show socks I wear now. I love them.
They feel awesome and fit great
Really love this wallet. It was very prompt delivery too. I didn't think I would use all the slots for cards, but I did not have any trouble filling all of them! The pink color is lovely and the wallet is very thin even with all the cards. The two zippered areas are nice, the currency bills fit nicely on one side without being folded and I just use the other side for change. It is a perfect wallet for me and so much better than any of the other wallets I have used.
Great deal
Both back pockets are cosmetic which is a significant design flaw in my opinion. I put my scorecard and glove (when putting) in the back right pocket so I have to work around that. I'd like to have a rear right pocket like the IZOD microsanded flat front pants. Don't use the back left pocket so that's no big deal. The shorts are comfortable and a great value here at Amazon so if you don't need a back pocket, they'd be just about perfect. I like the material weight and feel. The fit is very good. I also like not having buttons on the back pockets. I also like the bit of rubber tape on the inside waist to help keep shirts tucked it.
The only thing I need to do is put some more holes in the shoulder strap to make it a little shorter.
great product. Easy open/close,already ordered two more.
Good sturdy denim. Look great and are comfortable to work in.
Very fast shipping and very cute fits perfectly for my hubby!
I just recently lost my third pair of these (too many drinks, gone) in about 5 years. Absolutely the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. Look no further if you're trying to find new sunglasses. The price is worth it.
The khaki color I received was lighter than the picture, but not a complaint since that was the color I actually wanted. Just an FYI.
its a nice sweat shirt as far as colors , but i only see small or medium wome n wearing it. i am man 330 pounds i was looking for a really big sweat shirt to work out in . but the 5xl i got is just to small . i wish they made them bigger and longer . otherwise the material is very good and the colors are awesome .. and its a great price , just to small for 5xl
They arrived on time perfect packing and looks great, I'm so happy with this product
They are an ok pair of sun glasses. they just darken your view. They do not make it pop like they did in the 90's. TIn the 90's used to make all the colors brighter and stand out.
I bought this for use while taking international flights. After one trip, I will be going back to my fanny pack. I felt that this purse kept my belongings safe as I negotiated my way through airports, and it was easy to carry with no strain on my neck or shoulder. I was pleased that my 10" tablet fit inside. However, when taking items in and out, I found it very difficult to quickly place them back in the slots that I had taken them from. I feel that there should be larger slots and zippered pouches inside the bag, which would allow easy access to passports, boarding passes, and money without taking the bag off. It was also difficult to use the card slots, because they need to be slightly larger and are too deep inside the purse. It seemed that all of the slots were just slightly too small for the intended contents. I gave it 4 stars, because it is well made, durable, and good for anti-theft. But it did not work out well for my purposes.
I like this wallet and I can easily take my credit card out and put back in.
These are the only boxer briefs my husband will wear.
I love these so much, perfect for my purse, helps my eyes
perfect fit, very confortable
love it, nicely designed fixs my Ipad perfectly with my case off of it, wish it was a wee bit bigger in the ipad pocket of zip with my full case on it. But works beautifully with just the rubber case on it.
Very pretty and great tote size. Seems to be made well... be careful ordering. I had to reorder... got the handbag 1st time.advertising .. was confusing