They look so good, it really caught the attention of people when youre walking.
I usually buy size 8 with shoes but Toms shoes I always buy 8.5 because my back heel always gets scratched up. These house slippers size 8 fit perfectly their so soft on the inside, after wearing them for a couple hours you could feel how they stretch out...These slippers are totally worth it!
Quality Oakley product.
I bought these glasses for my Yuri Katsuki cosplay, and I was very happy with them! I used acrylic paint to make them blue, and they went great with the rest of my cosplay. They're also very sturdy and comfortable. I'll definitely be using them again for future cosplay!
Good socks, the black ones are more stylish than the white ones
I have always loves Hanes products, I been buying their short sleeve shirts with pockets and those have lasted over a year now and still haven't faded much or come apart. I bought this shirt because I needed a long sleeve shirt for my motorcycle class and wanted something light. This shirt fits perfect not too tight around the arms and let a ton of that nice cool summer breeze through to keep you cool.
The shirts run big but I was expecting it after reading the reviews. I love them. So far, no shrinkage.
good quality
Very impressed with the quality of this hat. The fabric on the brim resembles leather. I bought it for my kid and almost didnt give it to him, its too nice.
The fit was GREAT for my husband's size but the material is quite thin and less soft than I expected.
Feels very soft. I want one lol
These are very nice stocks. They've held up well after many washes and haven't shrunken or stretched like most socks do over time.

- nice color selection
- soft fabric
-don't stretch or shrink over time
- I can't think of any
Good quality except the zipper is sometimes hard to zip close.
Functional and stylish.
Nice cheap disposable socks for the summer.
Got this for my Kid for Christmas, and she absolutely loves it...
Good Product
Its awesome. I liked everything
Purchased for my granddaughter for her first communion. The necklace was high quality and met my expectations.
Beautiful up to fossill standards nice size not to big
Compared to polos by Nautica or even Banana Republic, this fabric is really thin and tends to droop. The fit is larger than expected.
Perfect modesty padding for young ladies. Fit just as expected and the versatile straps have helped with the summer months wardrobe changes. Actually about to buy another set!
I liked the sunglasses, just like described.
Disappointed! The box was open and the larger of the care tags on both pair were ripped off...will be returning what looks to be used underwear.
Didn't get the colours I chose though. Seems like a pack was just chosen and shipped with no reference to the colours I chose. Son liked so I kept.
It was pretty good for 1 week. But the elastic nature of cloth reduces after a week and its feels just like inner vest.
Gifts for my granddaughters. They look nice.
NOT GENUINE LEATHER. There is a tag thats supposedly genuine leather but the bag itself is not. However, I do really like this bag. Theres not tons of room but it does have enough for just some contents. It has quite a few compartments and the built in wallet is very handy. The overall quality is pretty decent. Nothing was wrong with the bag (zippers were fine, seams were good) so it seems like a very sturdy bag. The strap seems to be strong enough and has good length to it. Its about the height of a water bottle (see pictures) and not extremely wide. Overall, pretty satisfied for the price. Would recommend.
These are really a must have for runners or anyone that does any sort of athletic activity and encounters trouble in the basement. Not to sound grose or anything but these solved the whole crotch problems my cotton underwear failed to handle during my workouts