Earrings are just what I wanted and shipping was great!
I'm a big guy. Over 6 feet. I have a big head to match. Can never find a good fitted hat. Years ago I bought a flexfit hat at the mall. It fit great. I was so happy to see them on Amazon. Got me the biggest size, still fits perfect. Thinking about getting a blue one now to put a Dallas star on.
This fit great. comfortable, rest close to the face. wore these while sitting on the front of a boat running 25mph and in cold wind and my eyes did not feel the wind. the polarized lenses work as advertised. I have a large head and wore these 12 hours a day on my fishing trip and was very comfortable. i tried several pairs of sunglasses under $75 and ended up loving these $18 glasses. the lenses arent mirrored which would be nice but the price they are great.
It is thin one. (there are thicker ones on the market).
My daughter looks so adorable in this swimsuit. I love that it comes with long sleeves and the optional top that isnt so restricting. The fabric is soft and I just love everything about it. Seriously considering ordering the hammerhead one since it was so hard to decide!
Fit is great. Some of the graphics (the ones that are added to the front, not the ones that are part of the fabric) have faded considerably but that is to be expected. Very cute and my daughter picks them first among all her choices.
Price and quality is very good
Works great for every day use.
Growing up in a jewelry store family, I understand the difference between gold-filled and gold plated. Gold-filled will last a lifetime, just like solid gold. I have gold-filled pieces from our family's jewelery store from the 1950's and 1960's that are still beautiful. This gold-filled bead chain is dainty, but sturdy and accepts my vintage and new gold pendants perfectly and DOES NOT pull my hair!! :)
These sunglasses have changed my life. They've blocked not only the suns rays, but barrels of bullets. They've stuck with me through thick and thin, and they've become my best friend, my one and only, my everything. I know for a fact that I could not live with the Duduma Tr8116 Polarized Sports Sunglasses. I've asked that, upon my death, all my earthly belongings be left to my Duduma's. I could not be more satisfied with this life-changing pair of glasses. Would I recommend these to a friend? That is a foolish question for such an important and pivotal piece of technology. In dedication to my soul mate, I have changed my middle name to Duduma.

I never take them off anymore. I've realized it would be pointless to live in a non-polarized world. Best buy of my whole career.

Sincerely yours, Jaden D. C. and his pair of Duduma Tr8116 Polarized Sports Sunglasses
comfortable, warm, good looking except wider on the waist than expected
We used these as party favors at my preteens birthday instead of gift bags
Great hat. Fits correctly. Nice and warm.
A little tight i need the ones with flex ?
My boyfriend is in love with these socks.
Kinftnfjrrr it
Great tee shirt. I've ordered more.
Enjoy the wallet only drawback is money clip is very very tight. You have to use both hands when taking money out or you can tear the bills. Other then that it is a great wallet. It might just take time to loosen up a little.
Fits as expected and color was good. Well made
Fits perfect under my husband work uniform. Perfect length to be tucked in and doesnt come out!
Great investment
I bought these because they are priced so fairly and because of the "Dri-Tech, Moisture Control" because my feet sweat. If anything my feet feel twice as waterlogged than they did with my normal cotton white socks. They aren't cold or uncomfortable but my feet feel like they are in wet mud.
The most horrible tshirt I have ever purchased. Fit great initially then washed it once. Now it's the perfect size for a man that is 4'3" with a 47" neck.

These are fairly inexpensive and appeared like they'd be good ... but after washing ... lots of shrinkage, thin, poorly sewn, and they curled on the edges. I've had my old hankies for 10 years ... bet these won't make it 1 year without falling apart.
Love this wallet
This necklace is beautiful and I have gotten so many compliments on it. Great buy!!!