2 things i really like about your socks. 1. They are not tight around the ankle/calf. 2. Just thick enough to give cushion to your feet. I am a big fan now and look forward to purchasing more in the future.
Poor baggy fit. Material too heavy.
After wearing just briefs for many years these are the most comfortable set of underwear I have ever worn.
9/21/17 first day wearing them and man oh man. They are amazing so far. It gives tha world a light yellow tint to it but not overwhelming. For a metal frame it's very light weight. I had bought some metal frames that would literally drag tha skin on my nose down and it became uncomfy to wear. But not these, this were light weight and fit perfectly. Again, this was tha first day wearing them. I'll update in a week and share my thoughts. So far though..great glasses and a really great buy.!!

Update: 11/26/17
I still love these glasses.!! They are buy far tha best glasses Ive ever had. Im not much of a glasses type person so Im still getting used to them but I love them. On bright days they make everything dim and comfy.
Got these for my little girls and they are very cute but the posts bent after some use....so not super sturdy but I guess good for the price
I was so excited about this mask. But when it arrived my excitement ended. All this item is is a very thin almost see through piece of fabric. The picture makes it look like it is shaped wider at the neck but it is not. It looks like when you wear it you'll be able to see both the smile and words but because of how it is made that is false. Very disappointing.
Good product
Haven't had the belt very long but I like it so far! I would definitely buy this belt again but hopefully I am not in the brown belt market for awhile!
The outside of the purse is fine although mine came with gold colored hardware instead of silver. I really dont like gold so I specifically picked this purse for the silver. It also has a different name. The inside of this purse is what has me so disappointed. The lining feels like a horrible plastic paper situation that will literally tear from looking at it too hard. Im going to end up ripping it out and relining it with something else and put a purse organizer insert into it. Then I will be pleased with the product. I dont know that I would recommend the bag to anyone that isnt willing to deal with or replace the lining.
For seven dollars you cant really complain, the build quality is plastic so they aren't very durable however they're so cheap they will be easily replaceable if lost or broken. The lenses do actually have a UV coating from what it looks like, so your eyes are getting protected from the sun even though the lens is clear plastic. They feel sturdy enough for plastic and I fully expect to have to buy a new pair by the end of the year. All and all they are a good buy you really cant go wrong.
nice product, but small
I was looking for a minimalist wallet which also provides RFID. I am over the moon regarding this purchase. The quality is fantastic and fits my needs. I am able to carry everything I need which is the following.
- 2 credit cards
- License
- 2 membership cards
- Badge for work
- I dont carry cash but recently held $100 in 20s

Beautiful and quality leather
No bulk and fits in front pocket
Carries everything I need on a day to day
Takes a beating and looks better with age
Plenty of room for extra cards or cash if needed

None I can think of

I am considering buying other colors and versions so I can switch it up :)
My daughter loved them. Great variety
Adorable and fits just as expected. Generally my little ones run a bit large in Carter's brand so I bought a size above what I needed.
Great swim shorts!
These South Pole fleece joggers were an great fit and the price was very reasonable!!! Will be ordering more!!
Great fit, very comfortable my son likes
My husband purchased these for the style. They came with lots of extras: zippered case, drawstring pouch, cleaning cloth, guitar pick, sticker, rubber bracelet, and button. I like the style of the sunglasses and the quality of the wooden earpieces. I do not like the quality of the cheap plastic lens surround--it looks and feels cheap and the lenses pop out. I would rather they kept all that extra nonsense that ended up the the trash and used those extra pennies on higher quality plastic parts.
I ordered the small size and it was still a bit big. Also the fabric felt a bit thin
Great party earrings! Love the cool-red color. Very versatile red.
I really do like this ring. It sparkles in every direction. Good purchase!
These seem to be great belts. I got 3 for my husband, who has Parkinsons Disease. Hes only had them a couple of days, but he is raving about them. They fit very well, are good looking and very easy to use. He has difficulty with buttons etc, but these are easy for him to buckle. Quite simply put, these are great belts!
Ive had this belt for two months and Im very happy with the quality and function of it. Very simple sturdy design. It releases much easier than another style I had in the past. Definitely would recommend it.
high quality sun glasses that work very well. Polarized with nice light weight that doesn't hurt your nose. I wear them on long range bicycle rides and forget I have them on. This is my 3rd pair!
3rd one and they work great protecting me from the sun.
Ordered for husband he loves it.
Loved this!
Most comfortable and stylish offering out there. Bought them 2 more times since.
My son had a pair of these in black and practically lives in them. So I purchased this pair in Dark Navy, great color!