I loved this fedora, it really help me with the women at school. All the girls come up to me ask me how great I look and where I got it from, even some pals the Dungeon and dragons meet up want this hat. I so fresh had to where it in my senior formal picture (as seen above). If could have given it 6 STARS I would!
Great. They dont shrink when you wash them.
Arrived with bleach spots in multiple locations.
I love the bag, it is exactly what I was wanting. Came really fast and serves the purpose I needed it for.
Light weight and more than enough pockets.
I like it that it a small purse for outings
Comfy and warm for the winter.
The belt was too long for me, but there were easy to follow instructions on how to adjust the size. I followed those instructions and made the belt just right.
I own several Dickies pants and they all have one thing in common; They're comfortable! They fit me perfectly since I know the size that fits me. The interesting thing about them is they actually fit small, so I suggest you order a slightly bigger size to ensure they fit. For instance, my waist is a 32, if I ordered 32 they wouldn't fit, so I ordered a 34 which fits perfectly!
Ive been needing new ankle socks that wont slide under my feet when I walk. So I figured I'd try these out. They do not slide out from under my feet, and they are comfortable. Thank you!
This wallet is well made. Good stitching with no loose threads or missed areas. Should last a long time.
Too small for my big head
I love this purse. My only complaint is I don't have more money to put in it...LOL
I love these shorts, they are lightweight and very comfortable. Buy several and thank me later
Cheaper quality then I thought but that's what you get for 10 bucks. Tried it on and it feels like it'll easily slide down my face. Bought it for snowboarding and I really don't think it's going to provide enough warmth. Oh well
Ive been wearing these for months now and so far so good
Love it
The waist fit is good but the legs are a bit tight on the large per my husband
My 16 and 18 year old sons live in these shorts. They seem to hold up to their activities. I wish the pockets were zippered to keep their phones, wallets, and headphones more secure, but most gym shorts don't have zippers. At least the pockets are decently deep enough to hold their phones.
Fits great
These are really nice durable black socks with accents that make paring them up easy. However, they are very thick and ridged so not a nice fit at times. In addition I don't get a sense of moisture control as advertised.
The color is really nice.
For no show socks they actually go above my ankles. I read the sizing chart as well before I bought these to make sure that I was purchasing the correct size. I wear a size 9.5 and these fit, but just somewhat on the larger scale. As far as performance goes they feel great and are comfortable. They are a little on the thick side, but they are breathable and stay comfortable for a very long time. I wore them to work (8-9 hours) and they seem to be fine. I give it a 3 star because they are thick for a performance sock and not so much a "no show" sock.
If you like butterflies this is for you. It looks good with a dress or with a sportier jacket and jeans. It is way prettier than in the picture and very feminine. I do not take it off when I shower and it doesn't seem to harm it. I had it for 2 weeks now, didn't take it out for one day. It comes in a very nice box, great to send it as a gift to someone as well. :)
Comfortable; good appearance; functional; warm even in a cold climate. Very satisfied esp since they were purchased on a "today's deals" special.

BTW, I have washed them twice including one time prior to wearing to remove any contaminants or excess dyes. If the washing instructions are followed then there is NO SHRINKAGE.
Fit great
The hat is great, but it's not khacki. It's more of a sand or tan color.
Bought for my son, but I wear as well. We don't like to go sockless, so wearing these gives the look and feel we prefer. They're not too thick for summer nor too thin that they slide.
I have had these in the past that didn't have the RFID block and was hoping one would come out on the market. I love these. They are so easy to read you card when you have them in the holder. Fits in my hand and if I need to do a quick run I can just take this and not worry. Will get again when it wears out. Which will be a long time. Unless I get tired of the color.