I was a little nervous ordering clothes on line, but I saw the price and thought I would give it a shot. These jeans fit perfectly and exactly the way I would get from a regular store
I ordered 2 and wear them at the gym. Dit great and for less than 3 bucks, totally worth it.
Great frames and does not feel cheap. I have gone through too many pairs of RayBans and wanted something that was a lot cheaper. I was not expecting such good quality for $12 sunglasses. Highly recommend.
Wow!! the picture didnt do this purse justice. It is beautiful, rugged, awesome document protection and even has some pretty leather accents. Cant wait to use this purse on my trip to Jamaica next week.

And its water resistant. Water beads up.
Adorable. Easy on and off. The bottom buttons are great for easy diaper change! Worth the extra investment over a cheaper swimsuit without that feature!
great pair of frames
He loves them!
These were perfect for field wear! Got them in the largest possible size so they could be worn over multiple layers if need be. No need- wore them over a tank top and they kept out mosquitoes, horseflies and all manner of dirt. I spent 8-10 hours a day in these, pushing through Devil's club, stinging nettle, fallen trees and thick shrubs- not a single snag or tear. Soaked up a ton of sweat, washed out nicely and kept me from being eaten alive by bugs. Now that field season is over, they're great for yard work!
Awesome hobo bag! I can fit so much in it! Made very well.
This was fun to give as a gift!
My brother loves them.
Good socks, keeps your legs warm. When you take off your socks pieces of wool appears!
the product description says how durable and tested the frames are...HUH?
As a white collar worker, I'm not tough on my glasses. Would not buy again!
This are just good old basic white socks, at a very good price. What makes them special is being able to find socks that fit someone wearing a size 13 and a size 14 shoe. It is amazing that you can go into a large store that sells thousands of pairs of shoes every week and they sell ZERO pairs of socks designed to fit well with a size 14 shoe. Thank you Amazon for looking out for folks whose feet are the size of small nations in Europe.
Great sun protection. Light, breathes well... and it floats.
Awesome hat!
Just got this in today. Seems sturdy and a great design. very happy and will probably buy another color soon.
I like it and it fits my sunglasses.
Screw on left ear piece is somehow stripped from its hole. Waiting for it to fall out and fall off.
Great sleep shorts that wash and dry and hold up well. The sizing is spot on.
Very pretty, lightweight. A little pricey for the quality.
Husband loved it
I was looking for a wallet that was spacious enough to carry more than a card or two, but not huge. I have been trying to downsize the purse I carry to be kinder to my shoulders/back, which means I need to downsize everything in it as well. Just received this and it fits ID plus all the main cards I need, with space for cash and just enough change to be prepared for the occasional parking meter. Not giving it the full five stars yet because I have yet to see how it will perform in action, but it's definitely the right size.
This has to be the cutest bracelet Ive seen. The locks on the bracelet are perfect so my daughter cant easily and it doesnt fit too tight or too loose. 10/10
These rings are stunning, great quality and my 5yo and 3yo grandkids loves them. I rate a 10.
I am very pleased with the hat first time I found one that fits me love it. And have a lot of good compliments on it. Thank you
The purse is a charcoal color and seems pretty stable as far as design/fabric ~ but I really don't like how the purse hangs on the side, it kinda feels weird because it's not a natural "hang" if your use to a cross carry purse that doesn't "get in the way". I was constantly pushing it from my stomach to the side. Annoying !
Looks great, and feels great!
Very nice... delicate design. Worth the price!
My mistake but when I looked at the package I thought it was a pk of 6 not 3ea ....!!!! Should have 3ea 6" on the advertising...