super cute
I'm really liking this bag! It's next to impossible for me to find a purse that's absolutely perfect, but this one comes pretty close. The two inside sections are not equal in size, but that doesn't bother me because I tuck my wallet in the smaller one and keep it separate from everything else. The only issue I have with the interior is with the two side pockets. Nothing, and I mean, nothing, stays in them without flopping into the bigger compartment since the interior definitely does not have the structure that the exterior of the bag does. (That doesn't bother me too much since I'm used to having bucket bags.) I've just given up using them which is only slightly disappointing. The handle options are super clever and I appreciate that the shoulder strap is long enough to fit comfortably over a winter coat. (I really hate bags that sit in my armpit.) Having the shorter straps is convenient for when I'm just picking up the bag on the fly and I love that it just looks like part of the design. The cross body strap that was included in mine was stained, but I was really eager to start using the bag so I contacted amazon and they gave me a partial refund for the strap. I'll see if I can clean it so I have the option to use it, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. The two outside side pockets are tiny, but I find them perfect for lip balm, hand sanitizer and gum- all the things that usually get lost in the inside, but I like handy. The outside zippered pocket fits my iPhone and keys perfectly. All in all, for the price, this is a great bag and has become my everyday purse. I like that the interior fits everything I really need (wallet, essential oil cases, sunglasses (in their case), planner, a book or e reader, foldable reusable bags, etc) and still has plenty of room to tuck things into it when I am out and about. I would have given this bag 5 stars if it wasn't for the stained strap and unusable interior side pockets. Totally worth it and super cute! I've gotten tons of compliments and I love that it's unique!
Maybe it wasnt popular where you grew up, bit it fits just as well as those 5050 hats from nearly 10 years ago. Blew my mind. Dug out the old 50/50 and what do you know, nearly the same. My old one just shows and feels its age. Ive got a big head btw, always go for the biggest size. This fit just the way i like.
As always great quality, comfort, and fit.
Good fit
Excellent product, in fact so good that I've bought it three times!
They fit fine.
Awesome son loves it great for cold
I love the purse except for the fact that the shoulder strap has a broken clip on it and cant be used. Please advise how I get this fixed...thanks.
Hey It fit really nicely and looks good.
Looks very cheap, perhaps made in China.
Great product. I liked it better than i thought i would. The bottom is magnetic. I like the color, the fur lining.
LOVE THIS BAG! I hate big purses and always carry my phone in keys in my pockets and sometimes even a portable charger. My hands are always full especially if I wear yoga pants without pockets basically this is my new fav! Not to mention the quality is a must buy! Dont even think twice.
Excellent for people with big butts and thighs, choose the Y one.
I got this as part of a Halloween costume. It's warm and easy to wear.
Love it! Small is just perfect for me. I'm 1.55M
love that they are on the smaller side as I have small earlobes. Great quality - perfect!
** update, got the purse in Oct and Jan the strap started to come off. I got three months use and I used it daily. **

I am so picky about how the fabric of the purse feels and this works for me! It seems like this purse is made to last. I am going to see what other purses they make just because I love this so much! The inside seems to be made well also.
I've had a few people ask me where I got the purse and I've only had for a few weeks.
My only complaint and it's my fault is that I got the small and I need a little bigger purse.
If break a $100 bill you will have a hard time fitting it in this wallet. However, for the minimalist, this is a positive. Similar wallets have a bulky magnetic clip. I really love the thumb push cutout. My last wallet like this did not have it and I would always hurt my fingers trying to get a card out.
Fit like a glove. That's what I love about Dickies brand. Big thanks to Amazon for having what I need!
As soft as they are (material wise) I was looking for something that would have a good snug fit. I got my size but they feel really loose. Maybe they would fit better undersized.

Update: after wearing several of them...there is a flap on the tag that reallllly does making them uncomfortable. It scratches me throughout the day. Bad enough i had to rip one off after several hours working on the jobsite, could not handle it anymore. =(
Very warm
The shirt is a head turner. People walk by and go WOW. These types of shirts are coming into style. Be a trend setter in this shirt. The fit isnt the best, but at this low price just take it to the tailor.
Too thin, but afordable
Its perfect for all my belongings. I have been looking for the perfect wallet. I liked it so much, l purchased a second one
Fits great and feels durable. Great value for the money.
Wonderful wish they came in woman's
I have had many pair of high end sunglasses over the years. After buying these, I will never buy expensive sunglasses again. Why? Because there is no need to! These are very impressive and the quality is there! As a bonus, I'm not sick if they get lost, squashed or chewed by the dog. Seriously these are very nice and I would highly recommend them for someone looking for a slightly larger lens than the classic Ray Bans. I will be ordering a few more pairs of these!