perfect. I just had to go. TO THE POST OFFICE. FOR THE PACKAGE
Great I love it
Comfortable and looks great
Son de perfecta calidad
Holes in multiple pairs of the socks before even wearing them.
Got a pack of two initially and loved them after trying them out. I use them as my nightwear and they hold up really well. I ended up buying a pack of six on amazon because I like to wear a fresh one everyday. They are a bit thick and I would think before wearing them as an inner during hot days.
Long enough to keep toes from curling
My so like them
I like thin wallets, but usually thin wallets mean hard to get key cards and credit cards out. This wallet solves that problem. The outside pocket gives me easy access to my keycard. When I am traveling, this is where I put my ID so I can present it to airline check-in and TSA. The money clip is nice, but it is really only good for US currency since some foreign currency is larger and therefore stick out.
Great Quality,
Shirt is comfy and fits great. I usually get a pack of them when they go on sale here and they are a good price.
I love my new purse.
Room for all your cards, CC and memberships/ reward cards and your cell phone! Lots of pockets for receipts and cash. It looks like a $200 wallet. I got the green one and get lots of compliments.
It works pretty good for the price I paid
I like it not sure about the color.
Very please it would be better to have sizes more evidently
Super bien
Looks great!
Awesome fit. 2nd time purchasing and no complaints.
This socks are ridiculous, one they are rapped like their made of gold,two seems like polyester that will make you feet sweat,three there so long who the hell wears there socks up to their knees I'm not a school girl damn it.
Excellent quality!
Solid design, very nice materials, and to keep it slim you are forced to cull your wallet contents down to the basics which is a good thing.

This wallet combined with getting set up on Apple Pay (which was almost as easy ordering this wallet) will hopefully streamline both the wallet and my credit card needs going forward. I looked at the other Bellroy wallets that were even smaller but this was a good first step. And the bronze owl is a nice touch, I guess my butt isn't as sensitive as other reviewers!
Very nice casual pant & with the cargo pockets, don't need a "man bag" for my cellphone
Excellent looking wallet, love the dual ID holders and identity theft blockers.
well made and does what I bought them for.
I am very satisfied with the products that i bought.
Great for summer! The mesh fabric is fantastic for ventilation.
This hat is awesome.... total protection but it feels really light. Having the "skirt" able to be totally removable is a plus. What I had not thought of until I put it on was that this will provide good wind protection in the cold! All in all, this is a 5 star buy!! Great job OR!!!!