I ordered the Large Size 36-38 inches. The box I received is labeled large. The QC sticker on the side is medium and the product inside is medium.
These are really nice. I used them Christmas gifts
I love vera bradley purses so much! They have just enough pockets and like the fact that you can carry this as a cross body or like a normal/regular purse on your shoulder and the colors are very pretty I have alot of these, so I reccommend any of you to get it.
Completely worth the money and the delivery time was timely.
I am 6'2" and I bought large size, however the pants were quite a bit above my ankles. I believe after couple of washes they would be way too short. I had to return them.
Very nice better than I expected
Perfect gift, so cute
Nice wallet plenty of room, for those that don't wear a smaller standard wallet
When first adjusting the size clamps the to personal sizing they leave torn threads on the straps.
I've bought these socks for years for my husband. These are the first ones that are made in china and they are BAD. thinner, shorter, and the stitching on the folded cuff has dropped stitches. Also, they are smaller, even though they are supposedly the same size.

I counted the stitches around them (I knit so I know how), and theses are 6 columns narrower than the ones I purchased before. These are NOT the same socks.

The padded heel is not even close to being as padded as the other MediPEDS I have. So . . . I had my husband take a new set to his Diabetes support group along with a pair of brand new ones bought from Walgreens. Take THAT, MediPED . . . don't try to give us inferior socks cause we will quit buying them.
It's a nice roomy bag, perfect for trips and keeps all your items safe since it opens from the back.
I take care of a family member and was tried of getting my regular clothes ruined. Read all the reviews, and this was the best fit for me. They are comfortable, easy to clean, the price was great, and has a lot of pockets. Which is great because I am always having to carry so much. I think this was a perfect purchase for me.
great socks. very fitting. good quality.
Way cool
I LOVE this wallet! Exactly what I expected. My 5 year old loves it and it is perfect for him. I would recommend it.
Great price
Very good quality. This was given as a gag birthday present and was the "hit of the party." Quality was exceptional. Well worth the price.
These are great for the price. My 4 yo likes to hold her poop for days and as a result we go through panties like crazy. The pattern is always different which I like bc it's always a surprise for her when I get a new pack.
Nice purple color and size but it didn't come in a box so it had wrinkled edges and still does now, it's not something that will go away. Also I didn't like the black metals and gold. Hard to find purse with metal chain.
Second time buying. Great product.
Perfect fit!
Good shorts
When it arrived it was bent up. May have just been from the mail. Not for sure. Would have been better if it come in a box and not a bag. But we was able to bend it back. The size was a little small for my son's head.
Love this pattern! So fun and lively! Perfect size purse! LOVE Vera Bradley!
This is an UnderArmour knock-off.. Not at all happy
Like these much better than tidy whiteys
If you like having lots of holes in your pants, this is the brand to buy. The seams are weak at the corner and the cloth tears easily. You should be able to get at least 8 washings out of them before they shred. They tore before the first washing.
These are my usual brand of socks because they are well made and durable. The fit is great and they last for a very long time and do not loose the fit around the tops like most other brands of crew socks. I recommend these highly and this is my second set because I know I want have to buy more for quite sometime.
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