Love these earrings! I got the 6/4mm sizes for my first and second piercings and I get lots of compliments on them. I usually have sensitive ears so was worried these would irritate me but Ive worn them for 2-3 weeks straight now and have had no issues.
Great! Like them lots
My wife loves this tote/purse. Classic look and feel and she is carrying to work most every day.

A very well made, tailored accessory.
I really enjoy this wallet. Its small very durable and it fits in my front pocket.
loved them
I will order more of these shirts
Very good product. The upper strap seams had some fraying right out of the package. They also feel a bit small for a medium.
Purchased this item in August 2017 and it was great until June 2018 when the hinge broke and it no longer stays closed.
I purchased this to replace a regular leather fold wallet that I've had for over 15 years. Over the years I have transitioned away from having items not related to money or ID in my wallet. I rarely carry more than $40 on me anymore. So, my wife suggested several options to reduce my wallet pocketprint. This was one of the items she suggested. Read several reviews on amazon, etc, and watched a few. Decided to invest the $75.

This wallet functions as advertised. It offers a great space to house credit cards and ID. I carry 8 cards in this wallet, including credit cards, ID, grocery cards, insurance cards, and my $20-$40. They all fit securely, including the money, and I have no concerns about anything accidentally falling or slipping out of the wallet.

The RFID blocking does work. So, since I carry a card needed to access my work space I do need to expose the cards a bit to open the door. So no more just waving past the sense to get in. A very minor consideration but worth noting.

I do highly recommend you use the fanning technique to access middle cards. Many of the reviews here and elsewhere will say that accessing cards in the middle is difficult. I affirm, yes it can be but it doesn't have to be. If you don't push the cards up so that the bottom of the the entire set of cards are flush with the the elastic strap before pressing the button of the wallet to fan the cards, you will find accessing those middle cards takes more effort.

I suggest you practice how you might access cards in the front, middle, and back well before you start using the wallet out and about. This isn't a negative as it still takes less time to access card than it did when I had a traditional leather fold wallet. With that wallet I still had to open the fold, pull or finger through the cards and the pull the card out. With this wallet, I push, pull a bit, fan and pick the card.

The design is sleek and looks super clean.

If you're a person that has some of your credit cards saved to your phone and need a few additional cards and cast, this is a great wallet accessory.

Durability, not sure what will happen there, but the only part of the wallet that feels cheap or lesser quality in "my hand" are the straps.

So far after a week I am satisfied with my purchase. Also, some have mentioned the steep price. I have only purchased wallets once every 15 years, maybe. Seems reasonable "to me" to put some money into the item holding my money. I mean hell, I don't keep my valuables in paper bags, which "I'd argue" can be just as effective if not practical, I just prefer not to buy a paper bag when I could spend a a few more dollars for a cloth one that will hopefully last much longer.
Perfect fit for a size 13 wide foot.
fit well
Nice for the price. Slim enough for men to place in front pockets.
Great everyday jacket for my fianc who is a tradesmen. He loves it!!!! Good quality , just fits a little different after washing it.
I bought this wallet in August of 2018. In December the zipper broke completely, rendering the wallet unusable. It was a great product while it lasted, but it didn't last long at all. Rather disappointed.
I think I need to order this in other colors!
Good fit and absorb sweat well.
Initially reviewed with (Dec 2018)
High quality. Well made and spacious without being too big. My wife loves hers!

Update: 5//7/2019:
Bag is falling apart, quite literally, at the seams. Hole started devolving about 3 weeks ago - getting worse...Havent been able to reach manufacturer regarding a claim. Perhaps they will see this and reach out to me.
Nice hoodie for cheap
I love this crossbody bag. It's perfect. It's the right size and color. Soft to the touch and easy to access all the purse compartments. I couldn't be happier, Thanks for making a great quality crossbody purse.
Great gift for a big headed man
The Oakley's are great. I am very happy with them. I just wish they were polarized lenses. When I ordered the option wasnt there fir this style. The sun glasses have a very sexy, cool and stylish look.
I like these much better for running than the med. wt. performance socks. No blisters or problems. Could hardly feel them at all on trail runs of 5-15 miles. And they allow my toes to spread out in the wide toe box of my Altras.
These are an awesome deal for the price. They are very comfortable and seem to be good quality so far
There great just what I was looking for.
cute, strong/durable, ha not broken yet (read several bad reviews) I have been wearing it straight for about one month and so far no problem.
Good backpack!
These shorts are comfortable and are a good fit. Will be purchasing more of these.
my kids happy with them