Came with a nice case too
They come somewhat small but they are perfect for my cartilage piercing, before I was wearing another type of earring but I was getting infected and bleeding, I couldn't sleep on my left side where I have my piercing because it hurt me with the pillow. After wearing several earrings these have not mistreated me at all, my ear has recovered and also looks very nice. I love!
I love it it is a great bracelet.
So cute and such a great size! I love this bags a lot. It look elegant and sleek. Totally recommend!
It doesn't appear that there is enough elastic in the wrists and waist. They seemed to be fine when I first received it, but a few days later the wrists were drooping over the top of my hands. Other than that it is a good hoodie. I really like the blue color.
Jeans were a 1/2 too big compared ro the exact same levis I buy from JCP
The legs are HUGE, almost as big around as the waist. I can easily fit both of my legs in one side. But more importantly, THERE ARE NO POCKETS. The description said there were pockets but,also, there is not.
Seems like a decent quality and fit as expected. I feel like the buttons are a little further apart than I would like but overall very happy for the cost.
Husband loved. Fits perfect. Great value
Larger then anticipated but I love it. It doesn't take up much room in a small purse but doesn't fit in a pocket...
Great affordable purchase , Ive worn these earring for a few weeks now constantly and no green mucky stuff and they dont make my ears itch
This is my second sweatshirt after the first one has been so comfortable for the last 2 years. This second one is for backup since I wash my current one once a week. Very good jacket and barely has worn down.
I have Lupus and my feet ( I am a female user) become swollen and legs have poor circulation. These socks are amazing!! Warm,comfortable,they do fit snug but that is what makes them work so well. And the hold up well wash after wash .
Bought these for my boyfriend, he loves them theyre great!
Good Purchase!
This underwear seems to run perhaps a 1/2 size small in my opinion, but it works great for my daughter who is herself a little on the small side. I really appreciate that the elastic is covered with fabric so it doesn't dig into her skin, and I love the age-appropriate colors and patterns. The day of the week theme is super cute and fun.

I have a number of things from Amazon essentials, from women's jackets to work out clothing, kids T-shirts, socks and underwear, etc. I've been universally delighted with the quality of design and build of all of it. These girls undies are no exception, and I'm very pleased with them.

They did not shrink appreciably in the wash, nor did they fade, pill, or have any threads come loose. They seem very nicely made.
Very nice but could fit better
It is an excellent quality item made from nice textured leather and not some of the sometimes imitation stuff with a nicely finished buckle. Would have given it 4.5 stars but that option is not available. I am very happy with my purchase and would certainly buy another if the need ever arises.
Good quality socks.
Bot for grey outfit & its Crossbody!!
Love the ease of small crossbody bags. I h e several in other colors.
I bought this for my husband because he sweats A LOT. Just doing stuff around the house the sweat starts running down his face and back. He put this on yesterday and starting doing years work and it prevented the sweat from running down his face. It was awesome he loved it. He wants the Beenie next. Great purchase
Love these Maui Jim aviators. I own 2 pair. I gave my son my Ray Ban aviators.
Fits great for a womans small face
I love the colors and pattern of this purse and it so many extra pockets!
Not genuine leather. I bought this as a gift but I really disappointed with the quality of this wallet. The photo is with 2 days of use. Oh and don't even think scratch with your nails.
Love this purse! Perfect size and great quality!!
Although the brad on the decorative leather strap pulled out of the fabric after one week of use, the rest of the purse performed perfectly and gave me one less thing to worry about on my trip to Europe this Summer. It is my new favorite everyday purse.
Great socks
There was a rich man from Nottingham who fell into a river... What a dope! He slipped on a rope! Now look at him shiver...

An inexpensive ski mask. Bruce Wayne wouldn't use it, but Dick Grayson might. If you're looking for something basic, this will keep you warm.