Great material, and great product. This is the second one I bought. Also good packaging.
beautiful wallet, i was disappointed that it was too small. Once i filled all the credit card slots it wouldn't close properly.
Comfortable and fits nice.
These T-shirts have the rare combination of being tight fitting but long. Many other T-shirts I have are either tight fitting, but aren't long enough to stay tucked in, causing strange looking clumps around my mid-section from the un-tucked shirt folding and bunching, or I have to buy a larger size so the shirt is longer, but is not tight fitting so it bunches up as well.
nice fits better than expected
These socks are the bee knees. Getting your foot in a boot other than one lined with a soft material is difficult. My Red Wings is a struggle but my Merrell hiking boots fits like a glove. Good stuff. #Ragonk
I was unimpressed with the sickness have the shirt.I guess thickness it means different things to different people. but for the price I guess it's okay.
My daughter loved it.
Love this wallet! super easy to carry around!
Fantastic shorts!
My son uses it when he has football games, its comfortable.
I bought an XLT, but it a little constricting. The shirt doesn't stretch at all. If you prefer a little room in a T-shirt, I suggest buying a size larger than you normally would.
Good fit, & comfortable, but also VERY lightweight. U get what u pay for.
This is now my "go to" bag. I love everything about it. I am going to order it in other colors!!
This is my every day belt for work. I thinky first one lasted 3 years or so. My current bely is on year 2 I believe. I certainly got my money's worth.
Very comfortable, soft and well cushioned. Quality is excellent.
Very pretty

Good value
Necklace looks exactly like it was shown. Its odd , very different. only dislike, its a little stiff.
Love this bag
Very nice wallet holds alot of cards quality looks to be of high standard so if you need alot of card space this is for you.
College age PSU student daughters love them for mobile lounging
Just three months after I bought them and they became splotchy. Now, they're unusable. I wouldn't even wear these at night. (Shout out to Cory Hart!)
Malfunction product. I think you guys knew that this bag had a malfunction before you sent it
Love this brand.. my 6th hat
Great hat. I like the idea of the American flag with the Ford logo.
Returned. Handle s too short and not adjustable
Pockets on sides not big enough for even a small cell phone
Exactly as described
Great pants
I love them. They are comfortable and warm. Walmart stopped carrying them with pockets. I will be reordering them.