These are the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. I've worn a lot of jeans.
I love them! They are very lightweight and the optics are phenomenal.... I will recommend them to anyone....
they fit me, they are light , and the lenses are stress free to my eyes
Not true to size. Waist is 38 and this belt is 42 but its too small. Epic fail. Im returning it.
Muy bueno
Well made and did NOT shrink after sever washes.
Lightweight and fits good. Used when exercising.
Very comfortable.
It is a awesome hoodie. It was perfect.
I have been looking for a belt made of plain leather for a long time. Did not want it to have any pieces of cloth, stitching, layers, or other mix-ins that make a belt fail after several years or even months. This is the one! Both the belt and buckle are durable, look good and work well. I have been wearing this belt for over two years, and bought two more, since at this price it makes sense to keep one per pair of pants.
No problem with gaining/losing weight either. Plenty of holes for any size.
The slots for credit cards are a too snug - expecially when most of them are filled. The plastic on the drivers license area cracked after only a few months, so I have to keep that in one of the other slots now. I hadn't realized the "slimmer" sizing would be as slim as it is. I usually keep business receipts in my wallet, but this wallet is so "slim" that they always stick out of the bill section. The other parts of the wallet are holding up well and seem fairly durable.
If you're like me, you hate to wear clothes with logos, graphics and text. Wearing clothes with logos, graphics and text makes me feel silly, like a human billboard ad. I prefer to wear plain simple clothes because I want the world to see me as a plain adult, not as an attention seeking child.
Better than I dared hope. Plenty of fire in the stones. Suitable for anyone old enough to wear plain studs. I plan to buy again.
Nice hoodies will buy again
Very good quality
Perfect! Have no fear in purchasing. So pleased
looks good my face. its is polarized. its written at the very bottom on one of lens. like it a lot.
This bracelet is just like in the picture. Super cute and well made
Birthday present, she loves it!!!
I have been shopping for a nice wallet as a gift for my son. So glad I chose this one. It's a lot nicer and has more compartments than the others I saw. I loved the smell of the leather when I took it out of the wrapper. Plenty of room to organize and feels like very high quality craftsmanship. He is going to love it!
This belt is junk. Already cracking. Super cheap quality. It probably wont last 2 months of every other day use.
Same with a nice case. Very pleased they are nice and dark as well!
No holes
Really like the extra long inseam. A lot of fitted underwear rides up on my thighs but these were a perfect fit. I can work out in them and go running without any discomfort. Will definitely buy more.
Exact fit for my glasses perfect
Most fit well accept that patterned one you know what its like shoving two ewoks in a sandpaper undie. They are getting holes already.
Great for potty training a toddler that loves Frozen. Only wish the waste had a little stretch or elastic in it put they fit as expected and are comfortable for my daughter.
Love the fit and feels great!
The belt looks fine. I bought it from Amazon to avoid getting a fake one from 3rd party. Although the description says fits waist up to 48", it does not. I wear 44" pants and this is a tight fit on the 1st patch. There's no way a 46 or 48 inch waist fits. Perhaps up to 42" for a comfortable but maxed out fit. Thinner people will have no problem.
Id like more color and pattern choices, but the product itself is high quality and fits well.