The fit is good and the material is comfortable. I didn't give it 5 stars because the label that is sewn onto the inside of the waistband is a bit scratchy against bare skin.
Love it! I live in NYC and I ride the crowded subway. This bag is perfect, and the secret pockets are great!
Fits perfect my favorite socks
Great replacement for years-old briefs. The size has stayed true for nearly a decade so I expect these replacements to perform as well.
It's very cute and my daughter picked it out-she is 10 but she is normal height and normal weight and the 10/12 was way too small...she wears a 10/12 with all her clothes. We exchanged for a 14 and fits perfect.
If you're lookin to buy these its because you cannot find them in any stores. I guess guys dont wear boots to work anymore.
If you're a workin man like me, and you're in your boots 18 hours a day, these are your socks. They come up all the way to the bottom of the knee, and THEY STAY THERE. You wont be walkin on these, or tugging them up every 6 steps. They are pretty darn soft too. I bought six pairs, wore them for about a month, and bought 12 more pair.
Gonna get 12 more pair before they're discontinued......
Get 'em while they're still here boys!!!!
I love them.
Needed a larger purse.
Night time driving. They are helpful
Must have for fishing!!!!!
Thank you
Not that I bought these to wear alone but you would never wear this t-shirt alone. A supper cheap cut. I think they used a box to create the pattern. Also, one shirt arrived with a hole in the back of it. If they weren't so cheap, I would return them. Very disappointed in the brand. Won't purchase again. I understand they are inexpensive but to be complete garbage...unacceptable. The brand obviously lacks integrity.
A great hat I can us for dye sublimation printing. Trying to find a cheap Trucker hat for around $5 or less has been difficult find until I came across this hat!
Simple to attach and perfect for kids eyeglasses.
Love the wallet love the make and sturdiness
Great quality. Fits well.
I like the wallet very much. The quality is good and I can fit alli I need in it. It came in a lovely box if you were getting it as a gift.
I was very eager to receive this product. I am not a huge fan of wallets due to their bulkiness. However, this product makes life a tad bit easier. Plus I can easily see if I am missing anything that I normally carry on a daily basis as well as I feel no discomfort while sitting in my car, meeting or at my desk.
My daughter loves them! Would definitely buy again!
0k for one use
Like, Cheap. I bought these basicly as expendendable to wear over my surgical device during recovery from rotator cuff surgery. They surved the purpose, oversized for me as intended.
Dislike. Thin cheap material, but it didn't matter for my purpose. Wouldn't buy for ordinary wear
Loved it
Smaller in dimension than my last one (the went through the washer) but everything fits well and is easily accessible. Very satisfied but I can not speak to the RFID.
09/15/2017 Edit:
I purchased a pair of these on 02/23/2017 and a second pair on 09/13/2017 and when I compared the two I noticed the older pair had faded more than expected. See photo attached. Just keep this in mind that they don't hold their color very well.

Left pair is brand new, creases still in it, no wash. Right pair is 7 months old.

Previous Review:
I would have given these shorts a 5 star review expect for the poor attachment of the button. I anticipate that after a few months the front button will fall off. Consider using a "Jean Button" on your next model Amazon. In the mean time customers can replace their button with
Love it. Bought this for from grandson who is 8. He loves it! It is such a grownup-like watch. I Ive the black face with the silver numerals. The band is very, very durable and the watch keeps the time accurately.
Fit great looked great! Comfortable all day according to my husband!