I really notice the difference between these sunglasses and cheaper one. They fit well and were what I was expecting.
This wallet is great. Fits all my cards and money. Leather feels soft. Holds its shape.
good hat
I was super super excited for these, put the part you put In your ear isn't round? It's nearly flat and quite tall. It hurt to put them in deslite the fact I have had my ears pierced since the 1st grade. They also were IMPOSSIBLE TO OPEN AND CLOSE!!! The clasp was too small to allow them to open or close without 5 minutes of prying, and being terrified you will rip off your ear lobe. My ears are super irritated and red and upon going downstairs to gest help in taking them off my dad kept making comments about how my other ear was bright red and terrible from it=(
Absolutely favorite purse ever!! It is just the right size to fit all pertinent things. It's a perfect night life purse that is small and light weight and it's as if it's not there. Will purchase more in different colors.
Received as described.
not sports mesh but great for lounging and sleeping!
Love them took them on vacation to TX and did great on the beach in the boat ride. Amazing loved them.
The batter died in this watch within 2 weeks.
Mom like her cover up sun glasses; thank you for making her comfortable. Theyre light and easy to clean.
I bought these socks because my loafers blister the tops of my feet if I wear them too long with lower cut socks. These are so comfortable that I will wear them around the house, they don't slip off when I take off my shoes, and they cover the exact right amount to wear with a pair of loafers. They're a little loose, but I personally like it.
Good quality leather with very nice buckle.
After carrying this for over a week, I love this thing. Still getting used to no wallet in the back pocket. No more pain from sitting on a fat wallet.
Like the fit and the way everything looks but it was not polarized like description said, found that out when I went fishing. The glasses are super nice for the price.
Excelente calidad y el tamao es exacto al descrito
The cut has changed as others have said. Leg holes are smaller and the fabric is not as soft and flexible. Will have to look somewhere else.
I used this in the winter as a face mask and scarf to protect my neck and face from the wind and snow...super light weight soft and provides lots of other uses... great value will gladly buy it again
As many others have said the pink is slightly lighter than the picture. Doesn't bother me at all I think the pale pink looks good with the gold. Backs screw on great and are a good size on my 19 month old so she can grow into them a little bit . The only complaint I would have is because you screw the back on the earrings don't get as flush to the earlobe as regular backed ones.
Good pants but size is not correct. They run small.
These earrings are so small they're almost invisible on adult ears. These would make a cute little gift for a very small child (as long as they don't have allergies) but that's it. Returned.
It was a great product
Nice hat. Same quality as the hats with major league sports teams to n them.
Great price on great quality
My husband loves this wallet .
Very very nice AAA+++
Disappointed. Pictured with high shine and the look of fine leather. It looks very cheap. It is rather dull compared to what was pictured on line amazon. It really looks like pleather. I purchased a wallet that was not real leather but it did have the high shine. I may have to return this since Im use if I will yse it nice it oks somscheap. T
Cheap and mass produced China crap. Dollar store type plastic frames and lenses with cheap wood arms. Not what I expected from the item details.
Lightweight yet durable