Fit great, very comfortable
Nice t-shirts I would buy them again and again and I think I should now...
While the size is great, I just went to use it and the zipper is sewn in wrong. It is twisted and therefore cannot ever be zipped closed. The return window is closed. Bummer.
Looks and works exactly as advertised. Not the warmest but thats good because I hate getting too hot around the neck
Theses socks are great
Not relaxed fit as advertised
These are not swim trunks. Water ang air pockets build up in them. That wouldnt happen if they were strictly swim trunks. With that said they fit well and look nice. Nice laying out or surfing, but not for swimming use only. Thats why I gave them 2 stars.
Very nice robes, Wash up very nice. Quality is better than expected!
Love the sun glasses.thankyou so much.
Real good quality, perfect fit. will by more
fits as expected durable at a good price
I get twice a year for work
Too tight at thighs. Uncomfortable.
Just got it, love it!!
THIS HAT IS AWESOME!!! I play drums and sweat pours into my eyes not being able to see my kit... This hat actually keeps the sweat from rolling into my eyes and it fits sooo well!!! Exactly what i was looking for and i'll be buying more!!
very nice
Great quality my grandfather loves them and they are the perfect size for his slim frame
I bought the red one. Loved it till I noticed the red was coming off. Ruined 2 shirts wearing it as a crossbody.
The elastic waist is very tight. I even ordered a size up and still very tight. I do not have a large belly. Fabric is pilling after only a few wears.
Cheap. As described.
Great fit. Good value. Comfortable
Its very very nice and good quality
Was a perfect fit
Very stylish and I feel very comfortable wearing these glasses. I would buy more.
was as expected
Good product
This is what I was looking for. Light weight and soft.
After doing some research, I found these are priced less because the boxes they came in are slightly messed up. For example: my box had a black streak on the corner. Nothing to be worried about, but opticians and resellers end up selling these as overstock.

As to the glasses: perfect and legit. Everything checked out for legitimacy. You either like these glasses on you or not, so I won't critique the style. If you are curious about the fit, go to your local sunglass reseller and try them on. Then come home, order them and save $50!

The rubber is grippy and unique (feels sturdier, sportier, and more expensive). I haven't seen any like mine out there before. Cool beans!

If you think these are fake you are : 1) an idiot or 2) someone who likes to complain (you know who you are). They have all the signs of a legitimate pair (best way to look is look for the tiny RB letters ETCHED into the glass). Trust me (and the guy at Sunglass Hut who agrees) these are the real deal.