It's great if i have 1-4 keys. I was trying to use this for 10-16 keys.
My husband loves these socks. He wears a size 13 shock and hates anything too tight. These fit perfectly.
Comfy before washing but definitely not as good a fit after washed
The robe fits well and seems to be of good quality.
Really wanted to like these, but couldn't. Instead of getting a single field of vision, you end up with a bright line between the eyes due to the amount of space between the lenses over the nose. The gap is quite large and noticeable, one I don't get with regular glasses or with many other brands of sunglasses. It was like wearing swimmers goggles where you get two separate views, one for each eye. Sending back.
Very attractive. I had hoped it would be tall enough to let me display the mugs upright, but they are displayed upside down. Still, I like this a lot.
Very well made and durable. Comfortable and fit as expected. I have about 10 pair now. Wearing for more than a year now. No complaints.
Disappointed. Pictured with high shine and the look of fine leather. It looks very cheap. It is rather dull compared to what was pictured on line amazon. It really looks like pleather. I purchased a wallet that was not real leather but it did have the high shine. I may have to return this since Im use if I will yse it nice it oks somscheap. T
This product supposed to be for big person but it is too tight and slim tailored for the big person.
The briefs arrived promptly and in good condition. The sizes were accurate and the material was nice and soft
No complaints!
Soft and long.
Small and ill fitting. Metal rivets inside band corrode and rust badly. Would not recommend or buy again.
Ecellent Great Quality
came exactly as depicted and described on the web page. would recommend to others if interested.
My husband is a body builder and boxers normally ride up his thigh but these are perfect for his thick waist and thick thighs!
Very smooth, light, and durable.
I bought an upgrade version of these caps. It is good product value for money. But it won't be fit and stay on head in cases of heavy wind that's the only reason I gave Only... unless otherwise quality is really good
The quality is very good. I made the mistake of ordering the shirt one size too big. Or they just run big. Never know with clothes. I go to the strip mall and buy shirts and have to get 2xl. I buy work shirts and should buy xl. The pocket really makes a difference. I bought 4 shirts from duluth and forgot to check for a pocket. Just assumed all work shirts have one.
nice sun shirt
Everything was cool as expected
My husband Loves it will definitely buy another
This is the first stretching belt I have owned. It's similar to the stretch-waist jeans I bought a couple of years ago. That stuff wasn't available to me for most of my life, and I've had to make do with pants that didn't fit quite right after I had lost or gained a few pounds, likewise with belts. I take a 36 waist size, so I bought a 38 belt just like I always do, and it is a good fit. This belt is probably the most comfortable belt I ever bought.
Love it and it came with a personal note thanking me
This sweatshirt is so comfy - soft to my skin and keep me warm. I'm 5'2", 115 lbs, and I selected size M. As you can see from the picture, size M is a little loose, which I prefer, so I can wear a thin long sleeve shirt on a colder day. The length is perfect. This kind of salmon color is my second purchase. My first purchase was a week ago, nice color of purple. Lots of color to choose from! I ordered this shirt on 1/28/20 and I received it today, 01/30/20 - my first order was shipped on the same day I ordered, and delivered in 2 days. Im totally impressed with vendor's efficiency of processing order and speedy delivery!
It's not leather but, for the price, it's fine and serves it's purpose.
I love that the card slots are big enough to put the cards in and take them out without a struggle. Its lightweight and durable.
Great and versatile product!