It's a good hat.
She loved it and it just made her day even better, this product was well made( Her words). We will be ordering again soon as I have six girls and three boy grandchildren!
Socks, what can I say, they fit...
I have worn these just about every day for the past few weeks. Im wearing them right now. Theyre black, and have pockets, so I can even wear them out and most people think Im wearing slacks. So they are comfy, have pockets and are suitable for conversations with people who are standing 6 away from you. I wish I had purchased more pairs. I wish I lived in a home made entirely from these sweat pants and every night I went to bed in a sweat pants hammock. I wish I had a president who did act and speak as though he were actively trying to kill everyone. But, since those are all just wishes, Im left enjoying that I have this pair.
I love it. A little small for me but I made it work with all the cards I had.
Great value especially in comparison to Dita Mach one frames
Item is great
Very expensive item, but need it as I lost the one that came with the lenses
The size chart got me the right size, and the fabric is really nice! I hate "hot" underwear, since I work outside in the Texas heat. These breathe nicely, letting the heat out. Just what I needed.
Perfect waste but the length it to long
excellent socks, very comfortable
My 18 year old daughter loves everything about it.
Comfort, warmth everything. Anyone thats always cold will love this. People who love the outdoors will use this product.
Thumbs up!
They were so long, down to my husbands lower thigh, almost to the knee. I ordered 2 packages of large. The packaging said large but the t shirt said XL!! I tossed the packaging before I realized but so so disappointed. Ill take them to a homeless shelter.
Perfect Long sleeve t shirt for men.
Easy to wash and drugs quickly.
Thank you.
Great fit for my 6 ft 4 son. I would order again
I like it
Great product
works great, looks great.
Smaller than I had envisioned, but the many compartments make up for that. Easy to organize everything. Love the wide strap, easy on the shoulder.
Great quality
I wear neckties for work everyday and I like to mix them up so I have a lot of ties. These ties are fashionable and complimented my shirts and suits perfectly. A friend recommended that I try them because of the reasonable price and quality. He purchased a different set and they look great also.
Nice t-shirt for the price, very soft and light weight. Everyone asks me where I found it.
Bought this to wear for a wedding, though it looks great within 24 hours a stone fell out. Really disappointing.
My husband decided last minute that he needed new swim trunks before we left for a winter vacation. These were perfect. I like the colors and pattern, but more importantly, he says they fit comfortably, and the fabric feels nice.
They are beautiful Thank you.
Very cute
The feel is nice and sturdy. Kinda narrow so if you have a wider face these night not be for you. The lenses are nice and clear not hazy like some others.
I really like the color and they are very comfortable. My only dislike is that I find myself still squinting a bit when wearing them
I got these for a cheaper price, been looking a nice pair of glasses, fit perfectly for my round face and high cheeks bones