Constantly getting told how cute my purse is.
I love it. It's big inside, just like my Betsy Johnson but a quarter of the price.
Love the pockets, and the color!
Love it, very comfortable
This is a very well thought out sprinkler, the basically 360 rotation is adjustable the entire way around and incredibly easy to adjust, sturdy, well-made, and allows for a second hose-sprinkler attachment (should you have the necessary water pressure). I have it combined with my automatic timer so my vegetable garden can beat the North Carolina summer heat all day! Awesome product!
Love these T-shirts, soft nice quality of fabric.
My brother loves these shirts!
These socks feel great and last longer then the underarmour socks I've gotten previously.
Fits perfectly. Good hat.
look good and fast shipping
Have bought this jean for at least 20 years. My local store that sold them closed. Elsewhere they were as much as $39.95 on line. The waist band will stretch about 1 to 1 1/4 inch. NOTE: The body of this jean is 100% cotton and not part spandex. The fabric content label shows, "99% Cotton, 1% Spandex". That 1% is only in the waistband. Avoid those that have spandex in the total material. They do not look like a "real" jean and seem hotter. I bought a pair once by mistake. I just marked one pair as "work jeans" and they are over 5 years old. I write the purchase date inside each pair I buy in case of a failure in under 1 year.. There was a 3 month period where Amazon did not have this product, so when they do, I order two pair. They now have a new color, SLATE, which I also like and the material appears to be a little lighter weight, which is fine for warmer weather. they are a great "dress" jean for a dance, or a night out. Use caution when shopping as the Wranglers with spandex in the legs will be labeled something like "comfort fit" or "flex fit". What i buy is labeled, :"Wrangler Men's Regular Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean". thanks for reading my review, JohnA
They're good heckin underpants, same type i've been buying for about 6 years now, no going back now.
I like soft leather and this wasn't soft.
Love it.
Amazingly soft!! Such a perfect comfy sweatshirt!! And love the color I recieved!!
This is such a cute little tiara and is the perfect size for my three year old granddaughter who is in a deep princess phase!
Fits great
I really like the earrings but the only issue I found with it is that the back of it is fallen easily.
Fits well. Ordered a large. Im 6 feet, 200 pounds.
Fantastic quality. Fit was bad. Looking at the pictures, I thought there was a front pouch. There is very little extra room in front making things way too tight.
They look great on my husband hahaha great material as well and he likes how comfortable they are!!
Wonderful item, has not come unsnapped and holds my shirt down
I have a small head and purchased a men's hat and it looks fine.
Absolutely amazing product for great price
I seem to get hotter than I expected with these I'm not sure if it's because I have been wearing them on hot days or if it's the boxer itself
Great zip-up hooded sweater, especially for the price. It's not extremely thick like a Dickies or Carhartt but definitely much warmer than the average Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. The zipper seems a bit more rugged than the norm so I don't think it'll be breaking (anytime soon, at least.) Overall 5 stars since I can't really find any issues at all.
The shirt fits as expected, but the texture is ROUGH. It feels like steel wool was mixed with the cotton (okay that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea). I returned my shirts for a refund.

I would have given one star, except that the price was so cheap; you get what you paid for.
Love these sunglasses for the price but over time the screw falls out and if Im lucky enough to find the screw I can fix it but sometimes its gone and have to toss them.
Great sweatshirt. Washed perfectly.
Its alright