My wife has gone for years with a worn out dreadful pocket book. So I decided to deliver her from this ugly lump in her purse and get the beautiful red waxed leather wallet from Itslife. It came with the "cute" necklace and she couldn't have been more pleased. It was loaded with plenty of slots for her cards and the RFID protection is so important these days with scanners and scammers operating everywhere. I know she will enjoy it for many years to come and I will get her another one if this one ever wears out. Thank you for a great product.
I ordered a mens and a womens version. I thought the mens version would be bigger but the large mens was tighter than the womens medium. The arms and wrists were uncomfortably tight. Length was better on the mens but still. I cant wear it
So sad! It broke within days with my slowly taking it off to shower. I could tell this was going to happen as soon as I got it because the string wasnt nearly as stretchy as it should be. It only stretched the tiniest bit and I have small hands and wrists.
I use these for cycling. I usually cycle early in the morning so it's not very bright outside. These come with the clear lens which gradually gets darker as the day goes by. The change is so gradual that you do not notice it. They do not fog up and fit snuggly while not being too tight. I like the fact that it has an adjustable nose pad as well as temple arms.


So good that I got a second pair with the orange lens since the sun is coming up earlier. The orange lens is great for enhancing details around you and the lens darkens to brown which is dark enough even for bright sunny days. Tifosi Direct sells just the lens but at $50 a pop, it's a no-brainer to not buy the whole sunglasses from Amazon for the same price (With coupon code). Saves me the hassle of swapping lenses now. At $50 each, clear+orange (with coupon code) it was still cheaper for me two buy two pairs of these sunglasses as opposed to other options (Oakley, Smith Optics, Rudy Project, etc.)
This was a bit large but the hubby wanted to wear a stocking cap under it so it worked out well. Of note: hubby lacks fashion sense.
This is a nice sturdy bag with lots of pockets inside and out! A little pricey but totally worth it!
This is so pretty and petite. I've worn it non-stop since Christmas and so far no stones have fallen out.
The sizing is good, no adjusts needed.
Fabric is somewhat thin and cheap-feeling. Shirts that are only a few dollars more feel FAR more susbstantial.
Buckle seems flimsy. Does the job, though.
Can't find a better price or better quality.
Good quality but the colors are totally off I bought it because of the camouflage and they're the complete opposite colors not even close to what is posted online
Work good
I like the product. The fit and comfort are really good. My only complaint is that 2 of the 5 boxers are multi-colored / striped. The boxers are listed as solid colored.
All good, no issues
I purchased these glasses for my boyfriend, because he has an eye condition and the lights affect him severely at nights. He told me it really helps him, so I tried it and it really works. I am thinking I should get one for myself as well. Though I don't have an eye condition, I am sure it can help.
I'm fairly picky about my underwear, and wanted to give these a try. I have owned other Hanes boxer briefs and have liked them. These are soft, though I don't know if I would call them "ultimate comfort soft".

They fit well - just like my other Hanes mediums, so I'm satisfied with the size of them.

One thing I really don't like is the Hanes label on the outside front of the underwear. It's extremely pointless and annoying. It seems like someone slapped it on while these were on the way out the door in a last-ditch attempt to get one more "branding" on the underwear. If your pants sag a bit, it looks really awkward poking up in the front of your jeans. I'm probably going to be seam-ripping it off every pair.
Its a great size not to big not to small. I use as an every day purse if We go out as a family as my son is special needs and I have to take slot on just daily outings. It has all the pockets inside you need. And the go fish print is to die for. Love it very worth it.
Nice socks.
Love them but they are very tiny.
Great quality, stitched all the way around so bbn it won't peel apart. Nice buckle. Will definitely buy again.
I'm pleased
Absolutely love these earring super cute and comfy and they look great
loved it but a bit to big for me...
5'7", 165 lbs. Size: medium. Fits in the waist, but too much fabric. Breathability and quick drying properties were convenient while traveling in warm weather. Will buy again in a smaller size.
High quality and cute