These are so beautiful! I've gotten many compliments. Each pair were nicely wrapped in plastic and in a gift box. Perfect shades for fall!
the shorts are very nice and well made but they are little on the tight side.
Great quality thanks
I have only had the wallet for a week, but can say the initial quality is outstanding. The leather is creamy smooth with a rich color. The stitching is clean and tight and the money clip has a crisp snap when it closes. The only issue I can see with the wallet, but this is not an issue for me, is that the leather does show small scrapes easily. It develops a distressed look very quickly, so if you are looking for something that stays pristine, you may want to look somewhere else. However, if (like me) you love the look of distressed leather with a little wear and age, then this wallet is beautiful.
I will see how is holds up to daily use, but for now this is one of the best wallets I have had!
Order bigger
I love this purse
Its my go to
I like the design of all the stitching except I ripped the stitching trying to put it on. I ordered a size too small. But I just reordered 2 in a larger size as I think that will work perfectly.
Happy with these shirts. I used these to replace my Hanes black t shirts and now that I have them, Ill probably never go back because I like these more. Bought these because my local stores kept selling out of the Hanes shirts I wanted. Good thing they did or I would have never considered these.
It looks pretty good. The arms are a little short (to slip over up to rest on your head) and the nosepads get a little slippery with sweat in the sun. But I love how they look and the price is great for the quality of the sunglasses.
One of the best bags Ive ever owned! Cute, stylish, and functional. I bought the small green one and loved it to so much that I purchased the large brown one also!
My boyf loves it:)
Great value. Son says they are comfy. Only downside is no pockets
An excellent eyewear retainer, which seconds as a great cat toy.
This is quite small and does not stretch much, I'd advice against this unless you have a pretty small head. Also prob a bit overpriced for what you get.
A bit bigger than I expected but fits really nicely! It super duper soft and it lets me breathe and comes in a few nice colors, gonna buy more
Gold Toe is the gold standard.
Ive had the ring less than 2 months. Im the last 24 hours 3 diamonds have fell out. True its only a $200 ring but not even 2 months. Disappointed to say the least
I wore the shirt today. I was surprised to find out it got up to 108F here in Afghanistan. Felt great all day. The shirt is light and I didnt get hot in it. I will be ordering more soon.
Excellent quality and very rich looking
Plenty of room for all my cards with
That pocket inside and it does not
Look like you stuffed your wallet!
Highly recommend this product
I ordered this particular backpack because of the anti-theft feature. It's lightweight, comfortable, secure, and really cute! I got the black. Would definitely recommend!
Men's 505 regular fit Levi jeans are perfect for a slim man. They are very well made. The color is awesome. The fit is perfect. Love these jeans.
Gave me the feel of a true athlete
Exactly what I wanted. Strangely enough, Polo does not offer these on their own website, only boys sizes.
Nice for the price but the collar and sleeves could fit better.
Very lightweight and comfy.
So far so good
Right size but these are not relaxed wranglers
Awesome wallet! Real leather, great quality!!
good t-shirts, fit well. soft and comfortable.