Great buy for price.
I absolutely love this belt...From the packaging to the Quality of the product I am extremely happy with the product and it by far exceeded my expectations. 1st it's a Great looking belt and I love how easily it comes off and how it fits. Love how the design allows for a much more accurate fit. Most belts I've owned seemed like my size was always between pre punched holes. Best belt I've ever owned and I'm looking into purchase another very soon. Thanks Bulliant!
I really love the color grade but the problem is the size ! I usually ware S size and i bought XS .. Its still a little bit large .. On the whole i like this brand .. Recommended
Compact, very functional and ideal for traveling.
Tbh, was kind of skeptical about this durag after viewing images prior too ordering. I must say, they get the job done. My only complaint on this is the strings / straps ..
I dont usually write reviews unless they're really great or horrible products but this product deserves credit. This was not a you get what you pay for but the opposite. I may not have read the description all the way but it came with 2 different style crowns which was an awesome surprise. Love that they are the comb type and the come with nice solid Bobby pins to hold it into place as well. Stays the entire time and my daughter has worn them three times now. I would definitely buy again most likely will since I have more girls. Great product
I ordered these as a large tall, expecting them to be talls. They're definitely not talls and only barely a large. Since I've ordered 3 different pair of sleep pants and this pair is the closest to actually fitting, I'm going to keep them as I'm tired of wasting time; but I would strongly recommend ordering at least 1 size bigger than you think you need. Sleeping pants should be oversized, not undersized. These should have been slightly large, given the fitting guide, but they're slightly small. The fabric while comfortable, seems thin, so I will be surprised if they last as long as the pair they're replacing.
These are really cute! As a matter of fact I put them in 2 weeks ago and haven't taken the out yet. Perfect size, not big and gaudy!!
I didn't like the unfinished seams.
Best socks I've ever owned!
Sturdy construction yet so very soft!
Fits just right and the clasp is easy to adjust and holds tight.
Best belt ever!
...but the lining feels kind of flimsy/cheap. However, the case is heavy and excellently protects my oversized prescription Quay sunglasses. So, if they glued the lining to the case, it would be a perfect product. But for the price, you cant beat the protection the case offers.
practical, mid quality, not bad
I got a pack of 4, the pair that should be rose gold came with one rose gold & one gold. Those were really the only ones I even cared about wearing. I cant return or exchange. Awesome waste of $7.99!
What you'd expect.
So nice. Very soft and pliable. It really does hold a plus size cell phone too. Looks well made and very fast delivery. Lots of slots to store what ever I would need. The best part is it still closes with the snap.
Very sturdy, enough room for me (I don't usually carry more than a wallet. For our trip to Florida, I was able to put all my ID/drivers license, credit cards, a small umbrella, and a rain poncho inside. The only improvement I could suggest would be to make the purse waterproof. We were caught in a torrential downpour, and it did not keep the contents completely dry. They weren't soaked--just damp, but the bag is not 100% waterproof. I am completely satisfied.
The material is not what you expect for running shorts. The shorts run small.
It came with a weird smell and it is pretty tight. But for being so tight its terrible at staying around my face.
Love the fit and look. Just as good as the Nike brand for half the price.
I don't see how these are for diabetics. Just regular socks
Perfect for work especially if you do a lot of walking. Extremely comfortable with work boots!
Great buy, prompt delivery and it fit perfectly. My daughter absolutely loved it.
It arrived on time, and there were follow-up emails to see if they were what I wanted. I'm very happy with the purchase
Definitely comfortable socks. Id compare them to Dickies work socks.
Soft and fit great. First wear didn't leave black fuzz all over my feet.
I would not have allowed my granddaughter to buy this ring. Very cheap material and it broke apart while she was taking it off her finger. It would have cost more sending it back. Please don't sell this.
Great brilliance, however, there was no accompanying proof of it being a Swarovsky Crystal. That is why I purchased them and didn't get anything but the earrings in a box. Disappointed in this seller. The Swarovsky company should not allow anyone to mislead the public.