Set out a trap and two hours later it had caught and killed a black rat. Great.

Set out another trap, and 4 hours later it caught and killed a bird. Rats!

So I guess I am going to have to try something else.
Love it
Good fit. Just is a little loose around the leg and thigh area
This bag is super cute and great for arenas or stadiums that require clear bags!
When I saw that these glasses cost me more than $200 dollars less than in local stores, I was a bit skeptical but I ordered them because after all amazon prime would back the purchase as always. I can not be happier and satisfied with this purchase. I check the glasses and these are 100% original and first class. Eyeglasses-123
my pants have not fallen down once since buying this belt.
not as big as you think they are.
Just arrived. Had an optical imperfection , (warp in right lens near nose piece). I am Very disappointed. I hope a return for a better one will be prompt.
Great colors. Big. Love it!
I like the shorts, but they were definitely a size off -- too small. Fortunately, a return was easy and free so I could order a size larger. I already had a pair of Dockers shorts in size 34, but evidently, the sizes aren't the same among styles.
Sweet and compact wallet
Very uncomfortable, scratchy material.
I wasn't expecting nearly as much for $25, but was pleasantly surprised when these arrived. The packaging was something you would expect from a $100 + pair of sunglasses and was very well done to protect the lens/frame. They came with a nice hard case as well as a cloth bag and dust wipe. As for performance the glasses do very well in bright light and the polarization is some of the best that I've seen. I'll be ordering more Duco's in the future!
This hat is just right. And I dont mean merely the fit! Now, I am not a cowboy. I have too much respect for true cowboys to even pretend that I, a New York Yankee, am really worthy to wear a Stetson hat much less call myself a Cowboy. Its not just a little bit audacious of me! But I love country music, admire these men and their look, and feel enough kinship to them and their taste in fashion that I desired to wear a hat similar to theirs. Not a full-blown cowboy hat, yet one thats truly Western. This is it. I wear my Bozeman proudly now as a true American fashion. I originally fell in love with this hat while visiting San Antonio, Texas. Later, while spending some time in Nashville, TN, I tried the hat on in a shop there. However, I didnt finally make the purchase until returning home. This vendor I found on Amazon filled the order perfectly. My hat arrived in good condition, and sooner than I expected. I appreciate that, and thank you!
Hadn't bought new underwear for a while and was shocked when I went to the store to find a 6 pack for 40 bucks was the lowest price. These were half the price for more and they appear very high quality. Nice thick material and I love the covered waistband. Also they're generally very comfortable. Will definitely buy again in the future
Really like these-good value, great fit
It's a little to much on the price side. The quality and durability isn't there. But it does the job.
The fitment is actually ok, the v neck is a little large and the quality feels meh!, when compared to some t-shirts I bought from Walmart (George) the gildan feels cheaper and they don't hold the color as well.
I am sure it is great, but I purchased the wrong size. So I can't use. I have the smaller size of your product with broken zipper . I thought I was replacing. I couldn't tell online...To lazy and too late to return
I bought 2 of these belts and they fit perfectly and I could tell that it will last a long time and also easy to clip on with ease and also you get a second buckle which is nice. Sturdy and well made product and would buy it again and recommend this belt. Thank You Amazon and seller and the people who made a great product.
One of the nicest wallets I've owned to date, and I'm 47. If I ever need another, it will be this one. Can't go wrong when a Veteran owned company makes a superb product. If you want quality and versatility in a bi-fold, then this is the wallet for you.
I placed everything I had from my ood wallet into this one, minus a few business cards, and everything fit nicely without any bulk.
The small Greek Molon Labe embossement is a very nice added touch.
I bought this hat for my mom. Sunday Afternoons Brand is her absolute favorite for this style hat.

Pros: Light, ventilating, protective.
Great price
Not the same quality as it has been for years... will not buy again.
You get what you payfor. I bought the Skyblye/jean color and its a very thin material. I am giving it 3 starts because I felt like they could of made the material a bit better. However, for the price I can see why. Deff recommend buying darker colors because the material is so thin than Im sure you can see through with the lighter colors.
Great Hat
Looks just like the pic.
Very Pleased
This is a cheaper material necklace and the gold is a little to yellow for my taste. returning, but it's a really nice one for someone else!
Really slim wallet but its a little bit hard to pull out my cards
perfect size, just what I wanted