I recommend this product.
Great fit
Great, fast, on-time delivery of a staple wardrobe product. Perfect fit every time.
These are the real deal.. not fakes. .. .
I like the fact its compact and has a RFID..protection
They're really cute and comfortable. I've been looking for something that I can sleep in and wear all the time and these are it!
Perfect for Mom when she got out of Hospital, in fact she still wears them and finds them comfortable.
I was quite disappointed with this earring. It was very cute and looked lovely on my daughter's 6 year old earlobes, but the flower fell off from the stem within the first week of use. I don't know if we got a defective one or not, but these were quite pricey for them to fall apart so quickly.
The Bracelet was buy as a gift , I was embarrassed for the condition. It was stained like corrosive. it was a shame. unable to wear it.
Exactly what I expected. Thank you. Will order again...
Gf likes it seems to wear it about everyday
The product is perfect
Love it
I have two bags I use constantly. One the Never Full Louis Vuitton and the second Long Champ medium bag. I was looking for comfort, longevity, durability. A bag that would withstand all my crap I tote along and remain classy. THIS IS THE BAG!!
I love it! Im super picky about my bags and this bag is perfect. Holds everything. The craftsmanship is remarkable. The price is on point.
Very disappointed with this purchase. Bow tie fell apart after one use. Material was frayed which made trying to sew it back together very challenging so I ended up throwing it in the garbage. If you want something to last for more than one use look elsewhere.
I use these earrings for my second hole. They are short, and meant for children, however, they work perfectly for me. I've been wearing them non-stop for a few months now, without any issues. I love the screw back to keep it secure. For the price, these earrings are fantastic.
Great quality...very substantial
Look great but the glasses seemed to have an issue with the uv film or seemed to have a prescription to them. Gave me a headache and hard to focus when I wore them, returning them.
Love'em and there super soft!!
Love it
I mean they're cheap but work well. If you stretch it out too far it will leave a
My wife got me this wallet as a fathers day gift last year. This wallet is exactly what I wanted. Light and slim to the point I have to make sure I still have my wallet on me. The profile helped me eliminate the excess junk in my wallet. The texture is awesome and holds cards in place. While moving I over stuffed my wallet for a month and the seam at the fold started to come undone. I emailed Magpul and they sent me a warranty replacement. You cannot go wrong with this wallet or Magpul.
Very poor quality, item returned for refund
Very comfortable socks
These are the best high mileage socks. No complaints.
It's too bad that American Olympic athletes didn't like their Under Amour stuff because it's the best fit for my needs: a synthetic sock to wear under natural cotton or wool outer socks.
Good for the little girl with a nickel sensitivity Im giving these to.
Kept my legs warm during a cold DC trip.
Great belt! Very comfortable to wear because of its wide web. I plan on getting me another one!