good quality price
Good buy on these shirts. We use them as sun shorts for the kids in the pool & beach. Not a slick as rash guards...but they get the job done.
I am very satisfied with this product. Some people are very vulnerable to sunlight and need extra protection. This is also a quick solution until I can sew some medical masks for them. These are great. Feel very good, good style, excellent sealing. Light weight, light weight, comfortable fit, moderate price.
My husband is loving this new wallet. The cards snap out which he loves. It doesn't hold a lot of money but the wallet is slim and can fit in any pocket - front or back in pants.
Perfect size, great quality wallet. Delivered right on time!
high quality and comfortable!
I bought these glasses as a gift and my boyfriend loved them!! His friend loved them too so he stole them!
Thank you
Loving my inexpensive and nice fitting socks. As a landscaper, these will go through a lot. These also do not make my feet itch, unlike other brands I've purchased.
Stays tucked in all day!
These are those stretchy type of socks. They fit really small on my feet and squished my toes, although this was the right size for me. They dont make the socks like they used to.
Good product and fit.
They told me that they were in "very good use" and that the"item has minor scuffs or defects on side surfaces". The truth is that arrive and It lacks an entire piece with the brand sign. I dont know what they think that "minor scuffs of defects" is, for my clearly this is not a "minor defect"..
Super warm, great fit
They were a great gift and will be getting a few more gloves for my family who really liked the gloves as well :)
Since I was reading the reviews, I knew I will love this little bag. It is simply beautiful and identical to the ones stores sell for 70+ USD. I am 53 and got the small size. As a courtesy, I received a thank you note, one bookmark and a gorgeous scarf. Best purchase so far
Very good quality. Very comfortable.
The product is compact yet holds several credit cards and bills. The quality of the materials are very high in my opinion. Although the coin section is small, I would definitely buy this again.
Heavy material, will last a long time.
the originals oakley doesnt exist the word assembled in usa on red, please check in original stores or used original
We went to Belize in February and we planned on a tour to Monkey Village / River and a walk through some of the jungle. It was recommended that we bring long sleeved shirts, long pants, etc because of the bugs, etc. I wanted something we could both wear again because the odds of us needing these for another jungle are slim to none. They fit perfect, we were comfortable, and would recommend for anything...including the jungle.
Comfortable and fits well. Now we see how long they last.
Love the shorts and fit great
Using three of the 10 straps, they work good. Gave away another three. No complaints from recipients.
I finally found shorts that don't make you look like a heavyset kid wearing oversized capris. Thank you Wrangler for making something practical
Arrived, smelling (strongly) like mildew. I do like the wratcheting buckle. But it does tend to pop of of the belt on occasion. The belt itself it's made of a cheap vinyl (or something like that). It started to stretch and lose shape within six months. Still wearing it a year I guess it was worth what I paid for it... After I got the stink off of it anyway...
A little large for me but the drawstring works just fine. The real problem is, if you put anything, even one key, in the zippered pocket it messes the whole garment up, the pocket will drop below the thigh part of shorts and hand down looking very funny and uncomfortable. So if buying these strictly for being able to carry something in your pocket, pass on this pair. Besides that I will continue to run in them.
Bought 2 of these for my boys to wear in a wedding. They turned out perfect with suspenders and bow tie.
Product was not what is in the picture. I specifically wanted the bright color and ended up with muted color set. They also fit a little small.