Wow! I've had very expensive wallets.. Just bought a hand made one for 6 times the cost of this one and this wallet is far better.. Excellent packaging.. Excellent quality.. Smells of great leather.. Holds everything and stays slim.. Love this wallet!
Quality product, feels great in the hand. I have been using this daily for a couple months now and I'm glad I have. Zipper works perfectly. Each pocket holds one card with room on either end for money or extra cards. I wouldn't use the outside pouch for your ID though, ID won't fit into pouch fully and therefore not secure. I keep my ID on the inside and that works just fine. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a new card carrier.
I enjoy the belt. Wish the web belt was softer and more flexible. Over lick the belt and how it sets.
Looks very cheap! I will donate. I saw it advertised as a great buy. Maybe the other colors look better. This one looks almost plastic.
It totally brightened up the roadway. My only complaint was that I wished I had gotten the next size up to fit my glasses better. Other than that, they are great, come with a nice plastic case with another case to place them inside of that for safe keeping. On a dark rainy day, was perfect!
Great jacket! Sturdy, warm, and looks good. They recommend ordering a size down which I did. It fits great but there is not much room for layering. If you live in a colder climate and plan to layer definitely order your normal size. Really like this jacket!
Nice bangle
Feels pretty good but smells little cheap and chemical.
The otherwise pretty solid wallet I think for the price.
pants fit good
Sory this scrubs arrived only top without pan why
Fit is a little tight but good quality
Good fit and decently made
Perfect for wearing under a helmet when bicycling. It is slightly itchy initially.
I love that there are two big pockets inside and it's so lightweight, but strong. I also like that the strap is adjustable, as I walk with a cane and need to have a crossbody style. It also can zip so that's safe and also makes it unspillable! This is a super good bag for the money!!! Love it!
These jeans are comfortable and generally speaking are relaxed and forgiving, especially for those who need to lose a few. Ive purchased several pairs in different sizes and colors. My concern is that the fabric blend can vary, despite the jean having the same manufacturer style number. A couple of pairs arrived with the same item number listed here, however the blend was 88/10/2% cotton/polyester/spandex instead of the 99/1% cotton & spandex blend specified. Actually, the pairs with the polyester were more forgiving and comfortable than the others, and not surprisingly shrunk less. I guess it can vary depending on the color and size, but something to be aware of. You may want to hesitate if the fabric composition is a big concern or be prepared to return.
Great socks for the price. Durable.
I love these shorts. I actually bought the first pair at the store, and I liked them so much I ordered this pair off of here :)
I don't know how people wear these things.
Good quality shirts.
The color is really pretty and it has all the nice compartments, however, it is A LOT smaller than I had planned!
After a 6 month backpacking trip, the Give-N-Go boxer seems more durable to me than ExOfficio's boxer-brief. These boxers are still soft with no pilling compared to the boxer briefs.
If you're someone like me who is in between choosing the boxer or boxer-brief, I think you're going to get way more mileage out of these than the other pair.
Bought for a costume. THICK AND HEAVY, but for certain situations it works well.
Its really cute
Soft and comfortable. Nice colors. Fits as expected.
I like it
Fits. Color is as advertised. 'nuff said.
Its bigger then I thought it was going to be but I love how much room I have for my cards