They were a gift to my wife, and it was a big hit. very happy with this purchase.
Love it
Fit as expected.. Might get another set
* They fit to a tee! First time I've ever put on a pair of sunglasses, cheap or expensive, and didn't need to bend/adjust anything.
* Very lightweight compared to other aviator style sunglasses I have.
* The size is great for men and women, truly a happy-middle.
* I purchased the blue lens with silver frame. The blue is very blue, as expected from other reviews. They can draw attention.
* They're polarized with great UV protection. If you've ever worn a pair of $10 HD vision glasses from Walgreens or "As Seen on TV", these don't reduce glare or increase color & clarity as much as those, but do a good job overall.
* The hard case, cloth pouch with drawstring and micro-fiber cleaning cloth are the icing on the cake!
Its hard to find big socks for men. Glad to find them and they fit great
My husband loves theses tanks. The shoulder straps are a little bit wider than other brands so it makes the fit better.
Love these. Inexpensive. Great quality. Friend and family bought after seeing mine and love them too
Worth the money
Definitely an outstanding product.
Great hats at a great price. I wear them for work every day and usually get a new color every couple months just because they're so inexpensive. I've probably gone through 10 already and will continue to buy Flexfit hats
Seems like a nice product. Just received and they are a gift so I dont now how they hold up with time but they are decent quality! I clipped it in and they didnt hurt (that was a concern) as some clip ons do. They were slightly bigger than I was expecting but not too big. I hope they last for her!
Love these
More beautiful then the picture
Easy to wear many compliments
I love these shirts. They are comfortable and on chilly days they keep you warm. Just as expected
Super cute!
Excellent wallet, I loved the credit card slots. Great leather really soft
These were for my grandson and they fit him absolutely perfectly. He was terrifically pleased and teenagers aren't usually pleased at anything!!
Absolutely love this purse. Has a ton on pockets. Very happy with purchase.
Not too tight to where your pockets are hard to get into. Enough crotch room so they wont rip and fits great even out of the dryer unlike some pants that are tight and have to stretch them out all day.
The headline is 75% of my review. Great value is the remaining 25%. Very satisfied.
Very nice!
I bought this wallet for my son for Christmas He absolutely loved it he love the way that it was package and the how his money and cards go in it would highly recommend this wallet
I can't understand why it is so hard to find non-cotton boxers lately. There are tons of cotton boxes, tons of boxer-briefs, but so difficult to find high-quality boxes. I own a few 100% polyester pairs that have lasted FOREVER, but it was time to replace some of the older ones. These were the closest I could find.

Yes, these are WAY WAY WAY better than cotton boxers, which disintegrate after a month. However, they are not as high quality as my existing pairs. Specifically, the waist band is quite narrow which gives a very slight "pinching" sensation as compared to wider band boxers, and the mesh fabric material isn't quite as comfortable as the heavier solid polyester boxes I'm used to. However, overall, this is a far superior product to cotton boxers, and I'm reasonably pleased with them. I'm just not convinced these are the best option available (however, I'm still struggling to find better).
Nice colors but they are not very long.
Fabric so thin, you can see through it. Much shrinkage, mostly length wise. I thought price was too good to be true. Never forget, you get what you pay for. I got exactly a $2 shirt. A good, thick, pre-washed shirt costs at least $5-$6. Buyer beware.
Very poor quality. First pair I wore, the toe area ripped thru. Would not buy these again.
Love this sweatshirt, a little big around the bottom, but fits great everywhere else
Like the lightness of the bag.
A very cute purse but unfortunately it was too stiff and Not enough room for what I need
These glasses are my fav go to glasses !!! I would recommend these :)Thanks again amazon
I bought these to get rid of normal dusk masks when I cut grass. I love the design and how it keeps ms from breathing in dust and fumes. It's very breathable and stays in place the entire time. The thing I love about it is that I can use it as a face guard, bandana, headband, wristband, etc. Also, the price for 4 was much better than the other guys.