I have always worn this brand of pants, because of the great fit. Somewhere down the line, they changed the size, by making them for taller people. Now, if you're under 6', you have to pull them way up. Same great value as always, same lightweight material.
I like the bag zips up on the back side. Looks sleek and classy
Gives you a wedgie.
Le encanto a mi nia
This is a nice belt, soft and supple right out of the box. On a side note I did not receive the money clip that was supposed to be included as a gift. No big deal but just thought I should mention that.
love the necklace
Good shorts but they look kind of raggaty with some frayed fibers around the belt loops. On the plus side they came with a great new cloth belt which was a good bonus for me!
The best made, best fit most reasonably priced cap on the market!
I got these for my 11 YO daughter but since it was a 6 pack I snagged a paid as well. These socks are nostalgic for me. I remember wearing them when I was younger. I've always enjoyed the toe socks. It doesn't bother me having the fabric between my toes. I'm not a toe shoe person though so these were tested in original style shoes. These socks are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. I like the thinner material so my feet don't sweat in tennis shoes. The ankle cutoff was the perfect height for my size 10 feet (woman's sizes). They just barely show when I wear them with my shoes.

My daughter has smaller feet but these fit her as well. They fit more loosely on her and the material stretches more to fit my feet. I believe she's a woman's size 4. (In the photos my feet are the black pants and my daughter's are the purple pants)

Light weight
Built in heel cutout (see pics)

Pinky toe piece is a little long

Ratings (Out of five stars):
Size: *5*
Comfort: *5*
Color Choices: *4*
Value: *4*
Material Quality: *5*

Overall rating: 23 out of 25 stars / 4.6 Star Average

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about my experience please leave me a comment. I will be happy to follow up on my experience with this product.

I received this product complimentary from FUN TOES for quality testing purposes; all opinions expressed are my own.
I really like it. Nicely made.
Had to return this. Didnt fit anything beyond 2-3 cards. Way too small to fit anything else. The mechanism to pull the cards up isnt very good either. Overall, way too small to even do anything.

To top it all off, its $20 for some pieces of cloth. Please dont pay that much for something that should cost only a few dollars.
I love the color and quality. The case alone is worth more than the cost
Made for babies with REALLY fat feet. If your child's feet are that fat, you're feeding them too much! Save your money on food and don't buy these socks either! Also, these socks are not bright colors, I received 2 packs of pastels.
Simple and lightweight material. Waistband is just right. I have bought these before from W****t and they outlasted other similar underwear. IMHO Hanes is not the best......Fruit of the loom is. I work for a foodservice company and wear out my clothes/shoes. These underwear almost disappear like u dont even know you have any on. Im not gonna pay more than $10 for underwear but $3 a pair for at least a year of durability . Fit is spot on and never ever ride up.
I use this belt mostly for work, but it looks good enough to wear out at night. I haven't had any problems with the belt loosing up during the day and I have 2 cell phones and a Leatherman mini tool that I wear on my belt. Putting belt on is easy, took a little practice to be able to loosen belt. But, after 2 or 3 times of practice now it's no problem.
My husband loves these socks. Great quality!!
Fits my small face comfortably without falling down. I also love the style.
Has become my go to bag- sturdy, well made and cute
Very nice bag
Fits perfectly, Super comfortable and durable, people say they get you hot but ive been managing working in the heat perfectly, definitely recommended
Nice! Sturdier than I expected! Very nice gift!
Cheap material, seam inside ripped second day of use. Straps didn't stay in adjusted position, always got longer as I walked. Pay an extra 10-15 bucks and get something of better quality.
Just got the wallet but, it seems great so far. Plenty big enough to comfortably hold the cards and license. Seems very well built and looks like it will last a long time.
I bought a navy and brown one (a color no longer offered) nearly 4 years ago. It is still to this day my favorite briefcase ever purchased. I have received several compliments on it. Unfortunately, the metal clasps on the shoulder strap broke a couple of months ago and the buttons have stopped snapping, making it rather difficult to carry around. However, this does not deter me from saving my dollars to purchase another one in the future.
I like the fit and the comfort but the seams are coming apart after 3 months and about 10 washes
Fits really well. Good material. The hoodie came without a draw sting for the hood or in the hood for that matter. Poor quality control.
I have been buying this sock for years so I new exactly what I was ordering. It is a large sock and for my big feet it is much more comfortable. Also since it is not stretched as much it lasts much, much longer.

I have only purchased Gold Toe sock for the last 20 years. The quality is great. They fit my big feet.

I only buy black and white. Since they are all the same I just toss them in the drawer. I do not have to sort and fold them.
Ordered x large as I thought it might shrink with washing. Very little shrinkage. Ordered a large on my next order.
Just what I needed for photo-therapy sessions for T-cell lymphoma. The synthetic material supporters sold in sporting goods stores causes skin burning during my treatments, but the all cotton is great.
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