Its not aluminum. It doesnt come with a gift box. It doesnt have the logo on the clip. Its a cheap piece of plastic with a ton of false advertisement.
They are decent but are not as comfortable as expected.
No true complaints just not completely satisfied.
Could be better
Too tight....
I really need to do a better job of reviewing all of the products that I purchase off Amazon. Having said that, I couldnt pass on this review: these are currently my favorite socks: Comfort, style, and price are all on point.
The purse is light weight and the color is gray. Very neutral. It holds alot. On vacation, I had my camera, water bottle, hairbrush, billfold, and etc. I love it. I think its the perfect size. Not too big nor too small.
Great product
I dont usually write reviews but wanted to say these socks are cool. Definitely not the best if youre a bigger guy its a slim fit. I wear 9.510 shoes and they are a bit tight. Better for slimmer dudes. The quality was pretty good but they can get damaged easily so be careful.
It is a great product!
Shirt looks like a $10 polo after a few washes.
I wish it was cotton like they used to be... the material is like a recycled material . Truly "powerblend"
Very cute
It fits smaller than advertised
The end of this belt is not tapered and is very hard to thread through the buckle. He had a comfort click belt before and it worked beautifully. This one is all scratched up now because of him trying to buckle it and he's had it only about a week. He's very disappointed because he loved his other one. He wore it all the time, quality leather, but unfortunately a spring popped out of it. This forced me to try to find another one.
Alsome my wife love it them
Fits just right in all areas. Very comfortable to wear, quality made and durable. Liked the first pair so much, purchased a second pair.
Horrible, lenses did very little to block sunlight and very glary. Actually made it harder to see in the sun. Frames broke literally the 2nd day I used them while in their case in my pocket. The other positive reviews are likely paid for. Do not purchase these glasses.
I have tried numerous similar style socks, and these Hanes comfortblend socks are definitely my favorite. IMO you can't go wrong with these socks. They are comfortable, breathable, and durable.
Love this bag. Feels good, looks good, no flaws in the workmanshop.
Not sure what the belt material is made of, but very stiff. Also to much effort is need just to tighten
It Was A Present and She Loved It!!! Warm and Cozy!
my brother loves it
Too small.
I love this purse has a lot of compartments
Perfect size, love the color and get so many compliments on it.
I always had problems with wallets not being roomy enough for all what I want to put inside them. I don't really like carrying purses, and I prefer going to the store with just my cell and wallet in my hand, but in the same time, I like my wallet to have everything I might need. This one has lots of room. I have almost 20 cards in there; including credit cards, IDs, insurance cards for me and the kids, membership cards. It also has room for money bills, receipts and checks. My only complaint is that the color is too shiny, would have given 5 stars if it offered less shiny colors. But overall, just what I needed.
beautiful wallet, color is quite dark compared to the photo but still really nice
This is a great item for a bedstand. I can actually find my glasses in the morning now.

Went from 5-star to a 1-star review.

After 5 months of rotating use, all pairs of these socks are falling apart.

And that's rotating the several pairs that come with this order.

For long-term use, these will not hold up.


The wealth of positive reviews on these compression socks are spot on!

I have been a runner for 40+ years. Over the past two years, I only discovered these types of socks after my feet began blistering.

The first set of socks I bought at the time stopped the blistering but not the foot pain. They were also always constantly slipping off my leg and running down into my shoes.

Enough was enough! I sought out compression socks to stop the pain with the addition of the ability not to slip down into my sneakers while I run.

When I saw all the positive Amazon reviews I knew these might actually work.

As I noted at the top of the review, these socks are exactly what the reviews made them out to be: First-rate quality material, stops foot pain and does not run down your leg when walking or running. Additionally, with every step I take, I feel nice ample cushioning below my feet.

What's even more enticing is the very fair price for 5 pairs.

Really, folks, you can't go wrong with these socks. Trust me when I say they pass the runner's test!
Nothing bad to say.....I use them for work