Great buy
Amazing bag loved the fast delivery too
These shirts are not what I expected. They are very boxy and short in length, barely covering my waistline. Almost a halter top. I'm 6' but was hoping these would be ok since they were a loose fit. The collar is thin and will bacon after a few washes. If you are short these might work for you.
The bag was a lot smaller than I was expecting. The zipper in the middle is really small and hard to get my hand in the center so I dont keep anything in there. The rest of the bag was great though. There wasnt a really big odor like I was expecting and it looks very classy and nice.
Nice hat. The color is a bit different .
Very nice quality and thought in making it efficient for everyday use.
Good size good length
My wife likes the purse, materials it's made of and stylish.
Nice shirt - soft fabric and fits perfect.
I got this for my best friend for her birthday and she absolutely LOVES IT she never takes it off so it doesnt change colors which is awesome!
The socks are a match for my Keen Hiking boots.
Comfortable and keep my feet dry. Performs as advertised. :-0))
It is really lovely, it does indeed block signals to my phone if I put it in there. It also really true to color, and very, very pretty. I like it.
exactly what i wanted.
It was a present. I bought about 8 or 9 of them between last year and now. All as present for family members. They love them, so much that now when I mention that I'm visiting for vacation they asked me to bring them more....
Love the quality and the variety in colors.
If your looking for a tough long lasting work belt at a decent price this is it. I'm well pleased with it. Only thing I might question that was stated in the narrative is it said it could also be used as a dress belt. I hardly think so but then I wasn't looking for a dainty dress belt. As the name implies, for the Journeyman worker, it can hang in there for anything from welder, pipefitter, shipfitter, electrician to construction worker this belt will last for quite some time. The belt I'm using now is a leather Carhart which I've been using for several years and have no complaints. However for rugged wearing Carhart has nothing on this belt.
Bought for husband who loves this style
Muy bonita
Came in perfect condition. Thank you.
These are great! I had been looking for lounging pants that could also be worn to run quick errands. These are super soft, fit well, and have big pockets. Never pay $50 for sweatpants. These are a steal.
Retired USAF Officer, C-130 Instructor Navigator, C-12 Pilot, OEF Survivor, MS Survivor. It has been my honor serving!
They're a little too thick and they bunch up when I put shoes on over them, but they are otherwise amazing. Super comfy, nice arch compression, good material. Just a little hot for summer walking.
I have very sensitive eyes. These glasses make a world of difference. I highly recommend them for any one having problems with the LED head lights. Really cuts down the glare. I use them every day since I received them.
Not good for head band but still awesome!
It's like fleece material!! My 5 years old daughter absolutely loves it && gets bad when I won't let her wear it to school. Soo much prettier an softer than it looks.
Love!! Perfect for a toddler
These socks are really decent. For regular use in jogging, exercise, walking, so forth, they stand up well. Only after a little under a year, some are starting to get holes at the bottom, but I'm okay with that. These socks have put up with a lot. After washing them, they shrivel up as if they were new, unworn socks. These socks also block odor to a good extent, but I'm not necessarily on board with that fact, particularly if they're using nanoparticles to do this. With how little we know about the implications of nanoparticles within our environment, we're left to wait to see if there are negative consequences of this. Nevertheless, good socks.
Great socks very durable
I liked the style and price on these, but there is a ghosting distortion on the lenses that make them hard to wear. I noticed it most when driving when there are cars approaching and get a shimmering effect. I suspect the way the lenses are polarized is causing the problem. I contacted the company and explained the situation to them but the response was that was the way polarized lenses were supposed to be. I've never noticed that with other polarized lenses. I'm giving it two stars because the case and lens cloth were a nice touch. The sunglasses however are not really usable.
It's difficult to find 4xl shirts in the town I live in at reasonable price. These were not only economical but well made and decently heavy. I'd definitely recommend this.
These are vert well constructed. I was not able to enjoy them for several days after they came in due to not being home. However they are now my daily glasses and I couldnt be happier with them