good quality
Exactly as shown and described. Using them exclusively now instead of others I own. Nice shape and not too big and does the job they are made for. Recommended.
This purse is very well made with a lot of spaces. Very stylish. I did detect a slight fish odor (as others had stated), but nothing overpowering. To remedy this, I placed pieces of a dryer sheet into each section. No risk of staining if a spray was used, and I bought it as a gift, so I didn't want any marks left on it. Would buy it again.
I hate purse shopping but this purse is beautiful and compact. It looks like I spent a lot of money on it when I actually didnt
Great bracelet for a great price! My daughter loves her big sister bracelet. And everyone thinks its a Pandora bracelet. Win!
Was gift for my granddaughter and she was very pleased with it.
It's a really nice short with good comfort and quality.
I love these. But they are to small. I sew them together to make a larger one. But your skin will never be the same.
Bought for an angel child. Perfect quality and so cute
I wanted a leather RFID blocking trifold, and that's exactly what I got. The only downfall is wallets don't seem to be including the plastic picture protectors, no more carrying the grandkids pics. 0ne unexpected plus is 2 pockets for bills.
works good under the sun
Like it
Impressive quality. It doesn't shed and is extremely cozy. The cat wants to snuggle with me now .......finally.
Good sock, good price
I like the shorts design. Pockets fasten with a zipper. And plus, an extra large pocket on the inside shorts. I use it for my phone, it is cool. The fabric is 95% polyester + 5% spandex, it is soft, lightweight and breathable. The colors are bright and does not lose the brightness after washing. True size, if you read the table! I usually buy size L/XL and I bought size XXXL like I see in the table (Large187-209lbs(85-95KG)=Tag Size XXXL). The shorts fit great. It dries very quickly. This workout shorts exactly like I expected. It is a good product.
Love this pattern and its just the right size for what I need to keep in it! Wish the zipper opened and closed a little more smoothly.
Keeps the sweat off my face!
Product was as described.
Love it
What I was looking for.
Quality Product... Just outfitted my husband business with this line and we are very happy so far.
Great fit and very comfortable.
comfortable fitting, very lightweight and keeps comfortable temperature
This product is pretty heavy but very soft and comfortable
Typical good Hane's quality. Longer than I'd hoped for.
When I got to the point that I felt strongly enough about my experience with KeySmart's classic keyholder to write a critical review here, I initially felt like I might be overly critical, or that my experience was unique. But after looking at the reviews from Jim F. and others, I am much more confident in stating my experience of this KeySmart product: Absolutely, 100% awful. I truly do not understand how something like this should cost the price it does, nor do I understand why something this simple should be such a massive and frustrating hassle to put together. I don't write reviews often, and hardly ever write bad reviews unless it's really egregious. But I've had this product for about 2-3 months now, trying different things and different ways to make it work efficiently... and it has not become any less infuriating. They KeySmart classic is the first such key holder I have ever bought.... and I assure you that I'll be far more discerning and cautious when researching/buying an alternative in the next few weeks.+

It's not just that this product doesn't work for me personally, or for my specific needs, yet still could work well for others. I've bought plenty of products that were like that, so I didn't see the need to write anything negative about such products. But I honestly cannot see how *anybody* could get much more out of this product, other than frustration. I wish I had enough experience with such products to recommend another one in lieu of this; but at the very least, I can tell you to stay away from this KeySmart keyholder. Not a single thing redeeming or worthwhile about it.
Love it.
The black and grey shirts stood up to many sunny outings, but this Electric Blue one faded after a few weeks specially where the sun hits. So now the shirt sports sharp blue colors under the arm pits and lower part of the shirt... looks terrible.
Bought these for my fianc to wear at the job site. I received these very quickly and he loved how they felt. Thin, silky material. The only issue is they are long. He ended up cutting them in half. Now he has double the masks!
The T's were larger than expected, but as they're being used for sleep shirts that's not a problem. The size difference was my fault not Amazon's. The quality seems quite good and they went through the wash well. All in all I'm content.