Great product
Good produced i love it. Thanks
Great fit, weight feel
I just got these Soffe Jammers in the mail, and they are just like the old pair I have been kicking around forever.

I remember first wearing these back during Navy Officer Training more than a decade ago. These used to be the official Navy/Marine Corps PT uniform. I find that the liner can be a little restrictive, at least it is for me, but you can easily cut it out. The remaining fabric is so soft you won't even feel it. This really makes for a more enjoyable butterfly stretch.

I read a review here that mentioned how it feels like wearing nothing at all, and I couldn't agree more. The freedom that these Soffe Shorts provides is unrivalled in today's market.

The beauty of these shorts is their versatility. They may have been designed for working out, but they fit almost any situation. Luckily, I live in Hawaii and the climate supports me wearing these bad boys year round. You can find me strutting around in these at the bank, grocery store, casual restaraunt, fancy restaraunt, or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

I am so excited to have these new shorts. Like I said, my original pair is more than 10 years old. I was getting slightly embarassed wearing them at fancy restaraunts as the crotch was starting to wear out. Problem solved.
Awesome price, and even better hoodie. Admittedly I should have probably ordered a Large, but since I wear Medium shirts I just ordered the Medium. Awesome quality, and great for working out.
Great fit! The tall cut helps keep the hubbys belly covered if he raises his arms. Good quality material.
Great fit and material.Im 59 195lb fit me real good.
Love the shoulder holster style and strong clips.
purchased for my son. Great fit. He liked them ;)
I love this! Its just big enough for my ID and insurance cards.
Great quality, color and fit! Love these
It's really disappointing that a name like Levi's would take advantage of their [now changed] reputation by passing off poor quality articles. These pants are not worthy of the Levi's label, or perhaps it is, because now to me Levi's stands for "gamble", "not trustworthy"...The material cannot even be called "Denim" anymore. Like other jeans on the market, the twill is a lightweight flannel-like material that are apparently designed to disintegrate more quickly such that you are forced to buy (subscribe to) more jeans. It's a wasteful process and such a shame. I was hoping I could dodge all the low quality crap and go with a tried and true brand such as Levi's, but they seem to be no different from the rest. There is no reason why a made in U.S. jean by an American brand should cost $200 a pair. If you find a reasonably priced pair of Levi's, like these, it's because they are made in Mexico or China of inferior ingredients and craftsmanship. I'm truly heartbroken. It's the end of an icon.
I love this wallet. The material is great, i even jumped inside a pool with it (i forgot i had it in my pocket) and i just let it dry, nothing happened. Whenever i feel i need to get a new one i will definitely buy this product again. Highly recomended
Super cute and so impressed with it for the price! Totally convinced to get more!
Love the color, we always buy Hane's zippies.
Very nice sunglasses, good quality! Packaging was awesome and the carrying case is great!! Very pleased with purchase!
I bought these eyeglass holders for my husband, hes constantly losing his glasses, he doesnt now Loves them, the colors and the quality of the holders are great.
Great little purse. Excellent quality and size. Great value.
Nothing to see here, I'd move along to another pair instead of purchasing these. They are indeed, BASICS. They wrinkle out of the drier really alot. I relegated them to 'yard work shorts' duty.
Positive side, the inseam length is better. I hate long shorts and I am happy to see that shorts with 'regular' (think old school) length's are again available. I have worn out all my old ones from back in the day what were regular length.
This is a very nice, well made purse. The packaging was exceptional. The purse has just the right amount of pockets and zippered sections.
I love these shirts. I need protection on my arms - living in Phoenix, AZ. I like the feel, the thickness and the sizing (a little large). I got the XL - I am 6'1" > 180 lbs. and these fit nice and loose. It seems that my body temperature goes down not up when I am outside in the direct sunlight with the long sleeve shirt on. I also like the color selection.... great for boating and almost any outdoor activity.
Exactly what I wanted.
I typically run 9-13 miles a few times during the week, and these socks have been very comfortable to wear. I don't wear them to work or for long periods of time, but as an athletic sock, they've been great. Not too thin, not too cumbersome.
Good value for money, unlike my previous cheap socks these don't smell even after a long day.
High quality, inexpensive, comfy and warm socks!
Great value
I have a big round head so it has been difficult finding a pair of sunglasses that do the job without looking goofy. Finally I found these von zippers. They are super high quality, look great, and have quality lenses. My only gripe would be that they are a bit heavy, but honestly I'd rather have them like this than light and flimsy. If you really need the best of both worlds you should go for the Oakley Holbrooks, but I think it's ridiculous to pay that much for something I will probably lose sooner or later.
I have worn these for 4 days and they are not helping my pain.
wonderful shirts......keep me cool and dry throughout the workday !
These sunglasses are very sturdy and look great. The walnut grain is perfection!