lovely purse, appeared well made but far too large, returned with no hassle and refund was prompt.
Great quality & works perfect!!!
Very nice wallet well made
Great fit in waist and length, but you can't cinch up the ankle openings nearly enough.
Love them on my hubby and he love them too
I cannot stress the quality of these glasses enough, especially for the price. The glasses are packaged professionally in a box with attention to keeping the lenses clean. Included in the box is a soft carrying case, cleaning cloth, mini screwdriver and extra screws.

The look of the glasses themselves is fashionable yet professional, and they provide ample protection from the rays while looking great on the course.

One more thing I should mention is the excellent customer service. I bought one pair that was a little too large for my face, so I returned them. To my surprise, I received an email from SUNGAIT asking to replace them for free with a slightly smaller-framed pair. Within a week, I received this pair which I will treasure.

Thank you, SUNGAIT!
A gift for my husband & he thinks they are great & fit well. He has a size 38 waist & this XL fit perfectly. Colors & pattern look really cool. I recommend these & so does my hubby.
awesome fit....awesome quality....and awesome look....great for my patch i am ironing on it.
Too bulky for my taste
Nice purse
It's a belt with an infinite number of holes. No adding holes as you change size. Plus it looks stylish.
Tight tight tight. How is this Original Fit?
The belt looks good and the adjustments provide a snug feel. If you carry a lot of items on the belt, I am not sure how much it will support. Was pleasantly surprised to see pre-marked lines with sizes on the back of the belt so you can cut with confidence. I would buy again.
Love it!
This shirt seems to be a better value to me than the Amazon basics I tried. I would buy this again.
Its not as tight as I thought it would be but very warm. And very fashionable
I was looking for an everyday tote bag for the office. If your looking for a low quality high priced cheep bucket buy this.
I like these a lot. The medium seem to fit just right. They are optically very clear with no apparent distortion. I never thought of them being polarized, and when I hold them out at a distance and rotate 90 degrees they don't seem to change in light intensity which usually happens with polarized lenses.

(UPDATE: These are polarized Most modern computer screens have a polarizing filter. Look at it with your LensCovers as you rotate them, you will see the screen change from bright to dark).

I have no problem wearing them as 'regular' sunglasses when I don't need to use my corrected lenses. They seem well made with tight hinges and good quality plastic.
I don't see them as a bargain as much as being very useful. For a little more than twice the price I could get a pair of prescription sunglasses from $39Glasses, etc. I have in the past and they work out very well. But I am facing cataract surgery over the next several months requiring a new prescription, so I save money on an additional pair of glasses.
Too large, i always wear38 from levis, but this one came too large (it has mark38) but it is different model not 501
Original as was written in description. And different from
Description color
Love it
Perfect shirt and the price was right a great bargain
After just over a month of having these, the seams on two pairs starting coming apart. I liked how light and comfortable they were to wear so this is quite disappointing.
I bought this shemagh thinking it was the same brand as the one in the link below which I had purchased earlier.

Not even close. Far inferior in quality. Patterns are not sown into the fabric, but rather, on top of fabric, leaving it susceptible to getting snagged as in the picture. This was after only one wash and it is already coming apart. Trust me, for a couple of bucks more go with the Tapp Collection Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf.
Really enjoyed the product. Great sunglasses for summertime or pool time. Great quality product. Really recommend it.
My husband really loves it. So much so, that I bought a Brown one for him.
My son wanted one, so I got one for him also.
They both really like the belt.
What I like the best is the belt slips in and locks in place. To remove or adjust push the bar/ button.
My wife is happy I know is cheap so I was expecting a cheap design or fake leather but it is a real leather.
I am a woman that wears men's pants for work and have been wearing various brands for 10 years. Decided to try Dickie's for the durability they stand for. I am a size 38x30 in men's and these fit like a tight 36. I will have to return these.
Excellent. Really like the small size. A bit heavy but that's from the construction