Stone was layer than expected but it was very pretty.
I bought this for my husband and he loves it
size was off. Not size it said it was
Perfect fit for my husband.
I am so pleased with the Pembrook socks. They fit beautifully, were packed great, and will keep me warm all winter.
Unbelievable value!!! Ok they are very light, but they look the real deal.
The material was thin as well
Way too small for adults
I weigh about 205LBs. When I purchase running shorts, I usually go with an XL/2XL. Never had any issues. Purchased these in 2XL. They won't even go past my thighs. I had my wife wear them. She weighs about 145lbs. Shorts fit her pretty good. Nice looking shorts, and my wife tells me they are comfortable. However, I can't wear them. My wife has new shorts.
High quality hat
Really like the wallet it the perfect size for me and I personally like the style, luckily I had read the reviews so expected the trouble with the braided leather vs chain preferring the leather I used a punch to make a small hole above knot thru the 3 pieces of leather then tied with a small piece of fishing line been carrying it for a month no problems, very simple fix which I think manufacturer should address or I'd advise buying the chain guess it comes down to personal choice and look
Waist band is already coming apart after wearing only 3 times.
top needs pockets
Its a cute gift that everyone in my family wears :)
Better in person
While they serve a basic purpose, you'll find that you're going to need a new pair within a couple of months. These seem to start wearing and tearing faster than other brands.

*update* 6/19/20
Since reviewing these, the manufacturer has repeatedly Emailed me to take down the negative review. Now, after several emails my review has dropped to ONE STAR! You made a bad product, stop trying to hide it and start making something better!
very impressive, great value
I like this Sunglasses, they look very cool, they feel delicate, but since I do take good care of my things I don't mind that, I look good with them on and for me that is the most important thing.
For the price I didn't expect crazy amazing quality, but they're exactly what I wanted--a bunch of cheap anklets for one awesome price. Really pleased!
AWESOME! Gods bear clippings is right! I will be replacing all my underwear with these. They are comfortable but day two the fabric seems to be softer. Almost like a break in period. The other reviews are correct in that these have almost zero odor after use. I ware them for 4 10 hour work days in a row without washing to see. Good to go. I would not hesitate to buy these again. I like the loose fit around the legs compared to my Under Armor sport shorts. They are nice sometimes but these are great for everything. You hardly even know they are on. Why haven't you added to cart yet?!
Grip6 as a company was great to work with, but the product was disappointing.

The website and purchasing experience went smoothly. And the return was easy, with a full refund.

Belts and buckles looked beautiful and of good quality. But the belt was quite stiff, which results in a poor fit. It doesn't fold flatly when looped around. That's probably why there are no pictures of people wearing them on their website.
I love this purse. Great quality at a great price. I am very picky of my purses. When I decide I want a new one it could take me months to find one that I like/love at a price I am willing to pay. Shipping was fast too. I am very happy!
My husband wears this to church
Love the blue color! Very nice quality. Love that the zipper is covered for extra security on the small front area. The main zipper is against your back when wearing it so not accessible. Roomy, comfortable to wear. Love it!
Well, it was $59 and it was made in China. Its not a designer purse. It doesnt have anything special about it, but like I said, its not a quality purse. I kept it, it works for me... it isnt too deep and I can find my stuff easier. So it fine for me.
Very light weight and comfortable in the front pocket. Only issue was a tiny nick in the carbon fiber. Not terribly noticeable though.
Ive had the experience of only finding up to size 12 which are never big enough these were perfect fit great I wear a size 12 double E so comfy.
My husband loves these. Very comfortable.
To whom ever I received the wallet and I really like it very much,it is so convenient to have a wallet that fits in my front pocket.