Great purchase! Fit is nice and the case is very sturdy. Glad I bought these, my husband really likes them.
As time has gone on the leather has a more distressed look which is what I was hoping for. I receive many compliments on it. Its exactly what I was looking for!
My niece loves this necklace It's priced reasonable and is gorgeous
Opened the box upon receipt and some edges of the leather CC slots (and other edges) are already frayed or chipped. Price was good but quality, not so much. Ordering a different wallet.
It came apart after a week of use.
Nice wallet, a lot of storage.
Would recommend for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet! This is one of my favorites and holds everything you need. It is very compact and sleek looking! I got the carbon looking one and its pretty dope
uncomfortable at pants
The shirt arrived opened, worn and dirty. The collar was filthy and there was a yellow mustard stain on the front. The fabric was thin and low quality and I would never buy this brand of shirt again.
Nice fit
Do not buy!!!! Not a real leather belt!!!!! Feels like its made from the leather that a CHEAP COUCH would be made from, total crap!!!!
Great pajamas at a good price point.
Please note that the pockets are a bit small.
Good quality hat.
This has held up amazingly well over the years. The velcro is still sticky, the change pocket zipper still seals. No seams have come undone and no wear on the outside edges. Trust me... we have received other wallets as party favors or from the dollar store and those have never made it through one season. The robot pattern is still relevant and "cool" to my growing boy. In fact, we have continued to buy them as 2nd or 3rd year old birthday gifts for new cousins (with a little cash inside). By that age, the kid has developed their own taste/theme, and they LOVE receiving something picked out ESPECIALLY for THEM. There are so many choices available, there hasn't been a repeat yet!
I paid full price for these, and it's still a good value! And I will continue to buy them as long as Stephen Joseph puts out new combinations.
My daughter loved these - got them for her as a Christmas gift. They are good quality socks as well - especially if you like cheese on your socks.
High quality thick socks looks like they will last
This kids sport digital watch seems like a good buy. I like that it is waterproof. It seems a little large for a childs watch but they like it. Other reviews say their watch stopped working but I havent had that happen yet. I will update this if that is the case. With how often my kids lose watches this seems like a good buy for the price and my kids like it so its a win win.
The non-skid socks serve the purpose (wearing it at home when floor is cold at wintertime, like now); although the appearance is somewhat scraggly like the socks are old or have been worn umpteenth time.
Good sock, slightly thinner than the Champion sock I usually wear, especially over the instep. This is important when I need a sock to wear with my Western boots. My low instep results in a boot hard to get into. The thinner instep area of this sock makes it easier to get the boots on and makes them comfortable to wear.
Light, comfortable to wear and a good fit.
I love this slim wallet, holds my cards and so compact, leaves more room in my purse - very happy with this purchase.
Very good quality T shirts, not thin cheap shirts but solid tight cotton cloth. Fit is perfect for me and they look great, I'm very happy!
These earrings are cute and comfortable. Great price. I would recommend purchasing.
Like many things from Kate spade this is well made. Its used to go to the library ever two weeks and carry out a decent amount of books. Being canvas, this is a durable product that could withstand some abuse.

The graphic quality is nice too. Its not something that would flake off over time. Its definitely a great gift idea for someone especially with bags costing 10 cents around here.
I rarely leave reviews but this was worth doing. I get so many compliments on this bag! Im always nervous ordering from online but this was a good buy. Exactly what the videos and pictures showed is what I got. Ive have it for a couple of months now. I use it everyday and have not had any quality issues. I hate purses so i like that I can switch between book bag and tote. I use this as my go to, everyday bag. I dont overstuff and I take very good care of it so that may also contribute to the fact that it still looks good as new. Only downside was my portable water bottle could not fit on the side so I had to get a smaller one. I also like the you have to take the bag off the open it. This may annoy some people but riding NYC trains, I like this feature.
The fabric is smooth a little thicker therefore bulkier. Arms are longer. Overall I like it
Well made.
Husband says these are awesome