I bought these at an inch more at the waist than what my other pants are, yet they were still too tight around my waist. I was able to put them on, but they were very uncomfortable.

Furthermore, my belt (a pretty standard sized belt) wouldn't fit through the belt loops. I folded and pushed and pulled and managed to get the belt through a couple loops before realizing I was going to be late to work and just gave up. (Good thing they're so tight around my waist, I guess.)

I wore them the one time. I guess I'll hold on to them in case I lose some weight. And buy a thinner belt.
Well made, genuine leather. Went with the wine rather than black (which is my go to) and it looks great. Lots of compartments, all well lined. Great adjustable strap.
very nice. i really like them
Looks good.
Outside material is not good. Everything sticks to it, very hard to keep clean. Found better options
these socks are nice and thick a lot of fabric to them. I used to always buy Hanes socks but throughout the years they've gotten thinner. these socks are worth the money.
Hubby wore this for our daughters wedding and received several compliments. Very nice!
This is my third pair, they fit great
Very soft and very nice. It's a lot nicer than I thought it would be. I'm glad I bought it.
Great small travel bag!
Horrible Socks. The fit is good but they are rough and uncomfortable to wear. Expected more for the money.
This product is exactly as advertised - an inexpensive, basic, no frills short. Nothing fancy, but exactly what I ordered.
Bought these for my wife and she loves them
Really like the size. It holds everything that I need to put in it.
Very few things give me such simple guiltless pleasure as a good pair of skivvies on my skin. Overall the best men's underwear! These fit so comfortably I stay in them all day around the house. The loose fit and comfortable but secure waistband add to the balance of these traditional, but updated boxers. I almost forgot to mention that I love the patterns. These boxers are nothing short of perfect for me. If you are a real man, you'll love the way these fit, look and most importantly, feel on your privates!!! P.S. Did I mention the pure joy of ventilation? No "funny odors" or twisting? Great price too!!!
Nice heavy sweatshirt but then again you can never go wrong with Carhartt brand! I am a firm believer in the brand and I always am satisfied with a purchase of it. This was a big and tall purchase and I would say it is accurately sized. The sweatshirt itself is very warm and well made.
Nice purse. Compact for travel and the security is very reassuring.
This money clip is quite a bit larger than I expected. It does, however, function as expected.
When I opened the box this came in the smell was terrible, it was so bad I had to put it outside for 24 hours. Still has a chemical smell, no leather I have ever had smelled like this. The belt looks mildewed, its appearance is bad, its not black and has a cheep feel. I do not recommend.
great socks. First time ordering this brand. I'll be ordering me more of these really soon
Here are some basic details with specific pertinence to "Cadet Army Cap Basic Everyday Military Style Hat".
This is a handsomely designed hat. Its coloring is richly deep. Its construction is durable. It fits exactly as needed
and much better than expected. It's a solidly formed hat, meaning that it doesn't have vents or an adjustable strap,
also meaning that it has a firmly contoured brim. Besides, it's mighty comfy; though, it isn't sloppy looking at all.
In my perspective, this hat is called a cap, and vice versa, due to the fact that it's both a cap and a hat, but a bit
more like a hat. In my viewpoint, the only reason that this hat is referred to as basic is that it doesn't have any
frilly designs or logos. In my opinion, that there aspect of this here hat makes its appearance even nicer. The
pricing for this hat/cap is unquestionably reasonable. Initially, I ordered one in black. Then, I ordered another
one in navy blue. Then, I proceeded to order the same colors in the same quantity again. That's a total of four,
so far. In other words, I definitely like this hat, and do recommend it to my fellow Amazon customers.

Need I say more?
Very light material. Would not recommend - certainly would not buy again.
Shirt is well made and fits great. Work in it all day and was very comfortable to wear. No binding, and lets me do my tasks without feeling confined. Also find the pocket useful for small testers or glasses.

Nice glasses unless you have A larger head they would be perfect for you They're too wide
Their all right. A little tight, but smooth fit.
This ski mask is way to big. The cold weather still gets in. Needs to be much smaller. Thanks
Great product, best sunglasses on the market, terrible warranty. Sent in a pair with cracked lens, cost $110 to repair one lenses. Best sunglasses you can buy as long as you don't break them.