Beautiful earrings. I was a little sensitive at first so I used my clear polish and now I wear almost daily. Holding up well.
Fits my son perfectly for his auto class.
Great pair, like the material, design and the additional pocket for my phone.
Quality too bad
Love the socks. They stay up. I haven't had to pull them up once today. Real comfortable and tight fitting. Definitely going to buy more and would recommend everybody try these
Too large. (My fault) I have to return them. (Havent had time). They do look like they are very comfy. I hope to get the correct size and get a more accurate review.
This is watch is huge. Don't know anyone it would
fit without falling off.
Pretty great. Not much secure. I lost one of them the first week. Every time I go out i fear I will lose another one. I constantly check if they are not loose but it still managed to fall out
Great product
Material is incorrect. The product stated solids were 100% cotton; however, upon receipt they were 75% cotton.

This is disappointing.
Not too fitted
she loves it
Exactly what I expected. Have purchased this product multiple times.
I love this wallet. It is very slim, lightweight, and holds all my cards. Also, the price is great.
great sox
These are some of my favorites. Cool and comfortable.
Simple plain white shirts ,good fit
Too small
Looks like it will do the job. We will see after we have taken the trip.
Great jacket, perfect fit.
Love this handbag have found nothing I dislike yet
A little small but otherwise as expected
So soft and cheap
My shoe size is 14, so the "regular" size in department stores doesn't cut it. I bought these socks again because they are comfortable and have held up very well through numerous washings. They don't slip or bunch up, and seem to be consistent from year to year.
I love it ! I really leave complements but gosh! With the order I got a small purse and 2 tie string to tie on my bamboo handbag
This is great!!!!! Im going to order more after I get all my keys together.
I actually think these are the best shorts I have ever owned. My only complaint is when you get something on them it is hard to get off because of the type of material. They are very breathable and the stretch is nice to have. I would highly recommend these.
They feel like cardboard, very stiff
I loved working in Carhartt shirts. Even though I'm now retired I still like to wear good quality shirts that will not break the bank and these certainly fit the bill.

The fit was good and proper and the length (I'm 6'4") allows you to say nope to butt crack.

I highly recommend these shirts.
a small is like a medium the size difference will trick you just to get your money