Who doesn't love wear fresh clean socks
I really like this bag but not as big as I thought it would be. Wanted something to bring to the beach but it might hold maybe two towels...
I just cannot say how much I love these pouches! They have endless use potential. I have one that is just the perfect size for my new iPhone 6 Plus, protecting it from scratches in my handbag. It also provides the perfect material to give the screen a quick wipe to remove those fingerprints. Others ways I use them: for my better jewelry chains, watches, charging bricks for electronic devices, sunglasses (for handbag use instead of those bulky hard shell cases), etc....the uses are just endless, will be ordering more of these perfect little pouches for sure!
I love the material.
Fits well, maybe a little shorter at the waist than I expected. Color did not bleed during the first wash.
Reviews indicated that this was a quality leather product. Creasing in the back after first Carey said otherwise. For the price, I guess I should have assumed.

Also the pad on the shoulder strap is very awkwardly thick. I removed this.

Now using bag as a camera bag. Not great for daily use.
I am wearing them now.
Was very dissatisfied. The choker was so tight and not very flexible as far as size
Plastic frame around the right lense cracked after 1 week of use
I previously bought sunglasses on Amazon & although they were super cute, they didn't really do much for protecting your eyes from the sun. These, however, are the GREAT!! I LOVE THEM!!
A+ all around. Maybe I didn't read the description well enough, but I was not expecting a sweet guitar pick and stickers to come with. 10/10 will order again.
I wear a size 8 and this fits perfectly like it should.
This is the softest pairs of black shirts that I have ever worn. The sizes are true and fit very well. They have held up well so far and I'm very happy with my purchase.
I love these earrings!
Love this purse. love the color and size. It's not as roomy as it appeared online but it's still big enough.
This is a great compact wallet. It holds a lot of cards and I like the drivers license window on the outside. The only drawback is I cant really fit any coins in it. After putting all my credit cards in it. But in this debit card age, who needs to carry coins?
Comfortable wallet. Good quality.
I bought this for my girlfriend and she wears it almost every day. Her teacher friends at the school she teaches at are quite jealous. If you love your girl, get it. If you don't love your girl, well it says I love you forever on the back.
Great purchase all around, great product description.
Fit exactly how I expected. Very comfortable and fast shipping.
Good fitting shirt that is very breathable and doesnt jam anywhere. It fits a bit on the slimmer side but overall not bad.
Fit way tighter than it said it would
One week in and seams started falling apart
Cute and comfy for my daughter!
I bought this as a present, so I can't comment on the fit. However, I love the presentation in the pizza box! My nephew will love it!
I love this little wallet. I use it for my going out wallet or for trips when i don't want to bring all my unnecessary cards. It works great for a few credit cards and ID and i like that it holds a good amount of cash and still folds properly
Perfect for my laptop and over shoulder messenger bag.
Nice fitment. Nor too long, not too short.
Careful putting this item in the dryer. It shrinks a lot in length.
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