Description says nickle free but my ears turned green in 3 days of use of a single pair of these. Very unhappy about this product.
I was looking for something small to hold my credit cards and a little cash, and this is perfect. Doesn't take up a long of space in my purse like a big wallet.
I belive the lenses are not as good as original Blue Blockers. (that i still have)
My husband's new favorite underwear. This is the second package of this style of these boxer briefs I have purchased because my he really liked the first package I bought for him.
Great deal on the jeans. Husband loves them.
Great, just as expected.
These socks are very comfortable and absorbent, I took away 1 star because they only seem to last about a year.
Wish I could have given more stars! Got this for my niece for her birthday. I thought since there was so much so inexpensive some of it probably isnt good quality but to my surprise its All great. She loved every bit of it!
this item arrived in a non branded clear bag. not the hanes packaging that is shown in the photo. i have been wearing hanes for year, and these are not authentic
This is a really really good belt. Looks so fancy
Best sock out there
Thread is coarse in hems and melted in places causing discomfort. Scraped it out with a fingernail and plan to replace with cotton thread that cant be melted to turn into sharp plastic bits poking into my skin. Also annoyed by 4.5 inch tag that pos out. Wtf...what happened to common sense and normal materials and manufacturing procedures.
The product was great. Has different kinds of functions.
This is a well-made case and looks nice. I just wish there was a size between the large one and next size smaller. I bought it for a standard pair of aviator glasses similar to ones in the product phiti. They fit with a ton of extra space. According to the product description, however, the next size smaller would be too small.
Im still carrying this purse. Well made. Also, doubles as concealed carry purse. Will hold a revolver.
I have bought two of these the last one package said medium but shirt was small whoops packaged wrong
It's a good enough bag. But, if you need a white bag (not an ivory bag) keep searching.
Muy confortable
Good product. Not exactly the same as the silkies you used to be able to find at the NEX but theyre just as good.
Love it, very soft
The bag is nicely done with a lot of spaces for whatever I need to carry. For me, it is a tad large, but then, I like smaller purses. Just make sure you are cognizant of the size... all will be fine.
This is a great cross body bag with several layers of built in security; mesh, straps and locking zippers. Yet its light and has compartments for everything. I highly recommend this very well made product.
I have gotten 3 pairs of these and love them. Very durable and glass lenses seem to handle scratches better. They do scratch...but probably less than the plastic lenses. Very comfortable and lenses clear...unlike the plastic ones that make it hard to see.

UPDATE - I just bought a new pair which was sold and fulfilled by Amazon and it was NOT the same as the original pairs I have received in the past. The lens was not glass anymore (they were plastic) and the frame wasn't has solid as previous ones. Feels like it's a knock off and cheap. Really dissapointed. I thought that maybe this was from a different seller but this came sold from Amazon. Returning :( If you are lucky to get one of the original pairs that are glass lenses and sturdy frame then I rate those 5 star...but not this latest "model"
I gave these socks to my Grandson for Christmas. He wore them to work as a waiter, it is now May and they have all been thrown away, due to holes in the heels and toes. Is this good or bad? I dont know if this is a proper lifetime for socks of a waiter. You judge.
Son said these are the best ever.
this shirt fit well, looks great and the color is fantastic. love it
Have had them a couple years now. Hold us well in general use and while driving. Like the way they fit / look. Good for a pair of "cheap" sunglasses.
Very thin for a sweatshirt & runs very small
Very nice socks that dont slide down your ankles.